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#SelfCareSunday: DIY Spa Day

Self-care can look like internal exploration, meditation, and other more emotional journeys, but sometimes it helps to have a little help from exte

Eating well? Yeah. Sometimes, I hate it.

I Don't Like Self-Care. Nope.

Can we talk about self-care for a hot minute?

I kind of hate it.

Make sure a yes to someone else is not a no to yourself.

5 Ways To Be A Badass And Run Your Life 

Sasha Tozzi gives us her tips on what keeps her feeling grounded and like the badass she is.

"The winter will not last forever." (Image Credit: Unsplash/Joe Gardner)

No Matter How Dark Right Now Feels, You Are Not Alone

This week is full of high emotions.

Your rest is important. Your mental health is important.

6 Ways To Make Sleep Sacred 

SLEEP IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Here ar six ways to help make your sleep sacred.

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Doing Nothing: Self-Care For The Truly Lazy 

My version of self-care is a little less “best life” and a little more “no life”, but it works for me.

Take care of yourself this holiday season.

Happy Holiday Survival Guide

The holiday season presents numerous opportunities to celebrate and be with people we love and enjoy. It's also a constant source of potential triggers, just waiting to burst to the surface. Infinite stimulation creates a perfect storm to drown all of us in the overwhelm. As fun as the holidays can be, they can be a deep well of anxiety and exhaustion. Over the last decade, I've discovered what works best for me in regards to managing the holiday deluge. So, here's what's worked for me.

Give yourself love, even when you don't feel deserving.

#MondaysWithMatt: Love Yourself, Even When You Don't Like Yourself

Even on the days you've made a mistake, or hurt someone, or otherwise messed up and caused yourself to doubt whether or not you like you, it's sti