Silicon Valley

Given their unfair and potentially exploitative access to the personal life details of millions of voters, in an ideal world, social media tycoons wouldn’t run at all. (Image Credit: Instagram/@zuck)

Is The Next President Coming Out Of Silicon Valley?

Americans deserve to vote without being unwittingly “nudged,” “tweaked,” or otherwise manipulated by those with the most power and most incentive to do so. Ergo, any candidate from Silicon Valley needs to be treated with an excess of skepticism.


Startup in Crisis? Get Couples Counseling!

Trend alert: Couples counseling . . . for startup business partners. Do it. It's all the rage in Tech Mecca. 


Inside Glassbreakers—The Start-Up Supporting The Women Of Silicon Valley

The co-founder and CEO of the fast-growing new mentorship community speaks out on supporting women in tech: "It's hard to be what you can't see."

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Dana McCallum And How The Feminist Community Can Fail Rape Victims

Where are all the feminists in the wake of the Dana McCallum sexual assault case?


Is Nothing Sacred?! New Divorce App 'Wevorce' Surfaces Societal Concerns and Solutions

A new company is streamlining the divorce process by taking it online and keeping couples out of court.


Techie Youth of America Restore our Faith in Humanity

In a riveting new documentary, Silicon Valley kids talk global warming, poverty and the limits of tech. Adults, take notes.


It's 2014 and YOLO Is Still Bringing Us Down (In More Ways than the Mere Degradation of Language)

The Millennial Generation has been called every variation of lazy ingrate that the Baby Boomers and Generation X-ers could think of. And with YOLO as a point of reference, who could blame them?