street harassment

Nottingham Police Are Calling Street Harassment A Hate Crime

Ask any woman you know, and she can tell you a story about being taunted, propositioned, followed, grabbed, or otherwise harassed by strangers simply because she had the nerve to have a female body and be within their line of vision.


A Global Conversation On Street-Harassment Activism

Street harassment is a global problem. Wherever you go, marginalized people have to deal with verbal abuse, harassment, and violence simply for entering public space.

Street Harassment With Kids

Not OK: Street Harassment When I'm With My Child

It’s bad enough when I’m street harassed out by myself — I feel vulnerable and deciding how to respond can be hard. But it gets really complicated when I’m harassed and with my child.

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I'm A Feminist Who's Flattered By Catcalling

What kind of feminist must I be if I feel complimented by street harassment?


A Love Letter From Me To Men On The Street

Please stop referring to me as being “alone” when I am clearly walking in a group, simply because I am not attached to a man.


Listful Thinking: 3 Awesome Ways to Deal with Harassment

Harassment—an issue very near and dear to our sense of safety and self esteem—is seemingly inevitable. Sorry. Luckily, some savvy sistahs have shared their awesome efforts to thwart the bad juju. From OKCupid creepers to straight up street harassment, we've got you covered.