Black Female Superhero

Are We Ready For A Black Female Superhero? 

Without strong female characters, Black Panther would not have been the movie it was. Are they ready to create a movie surrounding a black female superhero?

In what world would a superhero's priorities be in this order?

Are You A Housework Superhero? Target Fails Again

You may be assuming that we’re going to be seeing pink, and if so, then you are partially correct. But they took that gender stereotyping and walked it right off a cliff. Instead of the logo and belt, the “bat girl” shirt has a four item to-do list.

I expect we all fantasise about being a superhero sometimes, but even Superman has kryptonite. Image: Matthew Williams.

Daddy Isn't A Hero — He's A Real Man Who Has Depression

These are precious years; years that pass too quickly as your little ones speed towards adulthood and the ever increasing awareness that their parents are fallible. What I never wanted, nor expected, was for these years to be punctuated by my second spell of severe depression.


Feminist Thor Is Outselling "Normal" Thor

The shimmering rainbow shadow of the bifrost makes for a nice spot to quietly enjoy some humble pie. 

Credit: Thinkstock

Batman, Superguys, And The Man In Bam!

Did the classic Adam West Batman show strike a blow (Kerwhap!) for feminism?


In Honor of Batman Day We Celebrate Bruce Wayne's Wily Womanly Comic Book Counterparts

Please. Did you really think it was all about Rachel?