Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams


Matthew Williams, single father to two children and divorced ex-husband to an ex-wife, started the blog 'Love, Laughter & Truth' in December 2015. The blog is an attempt to make sense of his rollercoaster life following depression, divorce and his introduction to the weird – and sometimes wonderful – world of dating. He hopes that his writing will help others that find themselves dealing with similar challenges in life. At Love, Laughter & Truth you will find: Love – lost, and hopefully one day found again; Laughter – because life’s better when you’re laughing, and Truth – well, the truth as he sees it anyway.

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I expect we all fantasise about being a superhero sometimes, but even Superman has kryptonite. Image: Matthew Williams.

Daddy Isn't A Hero — He's A Real Man Who Has Depression

These are precious years; years that pass too quickly as your little ones speed towards adulthood and the ever increasing awareness that their parents are fallible. What I never wanted, nor expected, was for these years to be punctuated by my second spell of severe depression.