There's so much you should've learned in high school.

23 Things You Should Have Learned In High School (But Didn't)

I’d like to teach a high school class called “Sh*t You Should Know To Be An Adult.” There's so much you should've learned in high school.

How lovely were the carefree days of being a younger adult.

7 Realities of Adulthood That Can Kiss My Ass

Griping about adulting is a fun thing that we like to do, I know.

Voicemails give me a panic attack.

9 Ways I Regularly Fail At Being An Adult

I am 42-years-old.

A recent poll found a whopping 58% of voters disapprove of their presidential choices.

3 Independent Party Candidates That Could Win The White House And Why

All this means that, for the first time since 1992, a third-party candidate has a very strong chance of impacting election results. And if something truly wild were to happen (say, no candidate broke the 270-electoral vote mark needed to win the presidency), then there’s an outside chance that a third-party could actually win the White House.

Was anyone really motivated by what Jeffery — the kid with the 4.4 GPA and the SAT score of 2390 — had to say? Image: Thinkstock.

A Graduation Speech For Real Life (P.S. YOU HAVE TO PAY TAXES)

Speaking of Obama, the election is coming up. If you plan on voting for Donald Trump, you’re a disgrace to your generation. Voting is, like, your “civic duty.” Also your “civic duty?” Not electing a nincompoop.


How You Can Get A Slurpee For Paying Your Taxes (Yes, Really)

If you owe the feds a tax payment and don’t want to pay by check or e-transfer, you can make a cash payment in person at 7-11 stores. This is incredibly helpful for people who don’t have bank accounts or credit cards — or people who need to get taxes paid locally, at a spot near public transportation.


No Way, Hillary Clinton, $250,000 is NOT Middle Class

Hillary Clinton claims that "middle class" means people who make less than $250,000 a year. That's wildly out of touch, according to the US census, which pegs the median American income at $53,657. Making $250,000 puts you slap in the top five percent of American wage-earners.