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I Wanted A Therapist, Not A Matchmaker

My therapist revealed the man was his client. He wanted to set us up.

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How My Abusive Relationship Helped Me Become A Great Therapist

Helping others is the best way for me to overcome my own demons. Read...
The truth was that going to a group therapy session once a week for eight weeks sounded like a nightmare.

Why I’m Glad I Went To Group Therapy, Even Though I Was Terrified

The truth was that going to a group therapy session once a week for eight weeks sounded like a nightmare. In the end, I'm so glad I went!

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I’m A Therapist With Mental Illness

The most valuable thing though, being a therapist with mental illness, is that I get it. I know how desperate you feel to change your life.

Bearing witness to people's pain can test the strength of one's faith in humanity.

3 Things That Break My Heart As A Therapist

I first realized my desire to help people back in P.S.

I just wasn’t getting signals that I was as safe as I needed to be. Image: Thinkstock.

My Therapist Fired Me — And I'm OK With It

My therapist of six months — let’s call her L — was letting me go. It was so subtle that I wasn’t even sure what was happening; I had to ask.

When I left sobbing it wasn’t from a breakthrough — it was out of annoyance and hopelessness. Image: Thinkstock.

The Endless Search For The Right Therapist

I’m not broken by this therapy failure. Jane wasn't the person to help me at this point of my life. Someone else WILL be.

I was just a naïve kid who didn't understand what was happening.

I Was Sexually Abused By A Teacher — And I'm Still Paying For It. Literally.

I feel I got the short end of the stick because of emotional and financial costs I am still paying for what he did — the grooming, the mind games, the violation of my body and my agency, the disregard for my mental and physical well-being, the purposeful isolation from friends and family. I have already spent a decade in therapy trying to find solid ground, struggling to revive even a shadow of the person I used to be.