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Breaking News: Man Claiming To Be Tarzan Is Not Actually Tarzan

And you think you've had a rough day.


Man Steals Entire House In Oregon

You've probably worried about someone stealing your car. Or snatching your laptop. Or running off with your iPhone.

In Florida, you can sell this for beer! (Credit: ThinkStock)

New Film Florida Man Begs The Question: Why Is The Sunshine State So Weird?

Is there an explanation for this state of sushi-stuffed pants, meat heists, and face biting? Actually, yes.


Teen Poses As OB/GYN—For A MONTH

Sometimes, sex-ed just isn't enough.

Credit: Thinkstock

Terrifying Drug-Induced Ambulance Hijacking Demonstrates Risks Of Molly

Good golly, Miss Molly!

Image: Just like that. Courtesy of, ThinkStock

The Strange Case of the (Allegedly) Missing Penis

We'll solve any crime by dinner time.


Strip Yoga: What Not to do When You Have a Car Full of Heroin

In today's not-so-sexy news, we have a woman getting arrested during some pant-less—and public!—sun salutations.