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Interior Design Prodigy President Trump Pronounces The White House 'A Real Dump'

President and interior design prodigy Donald Trump this week told members at one of his golf resorts that he leaves the White House a lot because it’s “a real dump.” Obviously, he must be right.

Reporters should be able to dress, at the very least, in accordance with the dress codes of their actual employers.

Question For Paul Ryan: Should Female White House Reporters Have The Right To 'Bare Arms'?

Recently, Paul Ryan decided that “appropriate attire” for women will exclude sleeveless dresses and open-toed shoes, and pretty soon thereafter, several women reporters were refused entry to the Speaker’s Lobby for showing their arms.

Bo admits he will miss the White House.

Bo Obama Pays Touching Tribute To His Toilet Of Seven Years

Bo Obama sat and stayed in front of a constellation of camera flashes and biped reporters this morning to give his farewell address in the Oval Of


White House Is Just Chilling, Man, On Marijuana Laws

With the White House’s support of marijuana research, it may be time to start calling it . .  . wait, what were talking about?


Why Obama's "Anger Translator" Routine Has Become A Viral Sensation

The Obama administration has been famously successful at


Gender-Neutral Bathroom Opens In White House Executive Office

Guess what just happened? (Alas, you saw the title. You know what's coming.) 


Did Sesame Street Just Predict The End Of House of Cards?

Holy Cookie Monster! Sesame Street just turned House of Cards into a fable worthy of Aesop. 

OMG isn't Dad embarrassing?! Courtesy of, Facebook

Obama Girls Aren't The First To Be Ridiculed, And They Probably Won't Be The Last

In the wake of GOP aide's Elizabeth Lauten's outburst, we remember ridiculed daughters of administrations past.