Disclaimer: I’m not a wine expert, unless you count consuming a lot of wine, in which case I am.

8 Halloween Wine Pairings For Parents

Halloween makes parents want to hit the sauce and not always in an I’m feeling frightfully festive; let’s drink wine from our spooky glasses an

Image Credit: Original image from Anthony Delanoix via Unsplash

So, Weed Wine Is Definitely A Thing 

Canna Vine is making this miraculous concoction that consists of organic marijuana and biodynamically farmed grapes. I don’t know what biodynamic farming is but it does sound very special and like it would result in good tasting wine.

Image Credit: Winecream/Crossroad Company via Metro

Just In Time For Summer: Wine Ice Cream With Actual Booze In It

My new goal for this summer is to get my hands on Winecream. I’ll let you know if it’s as magical as I think it will be.


Which Wine You Should Drink Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Astrologers believe that the positions of the sun, moon, and planets at the time of your birth have a direct influence on your character — so why shouldn't they also have an influence on what you drink when it's time for wine?