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Jill is a freelance writer, blogger and speaker from Texas. She's married with three children and has a hardcore caffeine habit. In addition to writing for Ravishly, you can find her regularly on Babble and SheKnows as well as on her blog, Ripped Jeans and Bifocals. Jill's worst fear is that she'll drop her phone into the toilet. Find Jill here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a wine expert, unless you count consuming a lot of wine, in which case I am.

8 Halloween Wine Pairings For Parents

Halloween makes parents want to hit the sauce and not always in an I’m feeling frightfully festive; let’s drink wine from our spooky glasses an

I have three kids: two from China, one from the vagina. Image: Jill Robbins

6 Things I Learned About Adoption During Our First Month Home With Our New Child

Life is pretty normal now — whatever that means — but I’ll always look back on our first few weeks home with our newly-adopted kids and compare it to surviving some kind of parenting boot camp or extended sorority hell week.

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A Survivor's Fury: On Brock Turner's Shortened Sentence 

Content Notice: rape, sexual assault

My rape was 20 years ago and I still need a trigger warning for Brock Turner.

I became “that mom” who screamed at her kids in public. Image: Thinkstock.

A Bad Day Doesn't Make You A Bad Mother

When a parent has a really bad day or when there are too many kinda-sorta bad days strung too close together, it wears you down. It’s deflating. Patience? What’s that? Your threshold for losing your crap pretty much does not exist.

"Bad Moms is adorably predictable: Mila Kunis plays Amy Mitchell, a stereotypical do-it-all mom who bows and scrapes to Christina Applegate, who kills it as Gwendolyn, the Head Bitch in Charge of the PTA." Image: Youtube

I'm Not Jumping On The “Bad Moms” Bandwagon — Here's Why

I went to the premiere of Bad Moms last week. I might have peed my pants during the movie and it took about two days until my face stopped hurting. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. (Okay, fine. There’s no “might have.” I did pee my pants. So what?)


The Dos And Don'ts Of Colonscopy Prep

...[I]f you think it’s a good idea to take a selfie with your gallon jug of Golytely and post it on social media with a “guess what I’m doing” caption, you might want to tell your mom why you’re having a colonoscopy so she doesn’t assume the worst. Ask me how I know.

Conversations about adoption happen regularly at our house, but it kind of sucks when our important conversations are triggered by the offhand question from someone who doesn’t know our family. Image: Thinkstock.

8 Ridiculous Adoption Questions This Transracial Family Has Been Asked

My family stands out. My kids are Asian, my husband and I are white. Most people will (correctly) assume our children are adopted.

The day the waiting stopped will always be a bittersweet day, but for me, a day that deserves a celebration.

The Conflict Of Celebrating "Adoption Day"

I remember the day I met my son for the first time as if it was yesterday, instead of almost five years ago.