So, Weed Wine Is Definitely A Thing 

Image Credit: Original image from Anthony Delanoix via Unsplash

Image Credit: Original image from Anthony Delanoix via Unsplash

It seems like there are drinkers and there are pot smokers, but there’s not a lot of common ground between the two. They basically look at each other and say, “You prefer what, now? Ok. Well, more for me then.”

Well, the distance between them could be closed with one simple — and bright green — product: cannabis infused wine.

Weed wine. There is weed wine.

Canna Vine is making this miraculous concoction of organic marijuana and biodynamically farmed grapes. I don’t know what biodynamic farming is but it does sound very special and like it would result in good tasting wine.

The wine itself is a shade of green more often associated with Halloween party novelty beverages than with fine wine, but reviewers say it tastes good. The effects are apparently a very mellow high that can make you sleep really well after drinking a bit.

The tragedy of the weed-wine is that you have to live in California to be able to get it. Not only that, you need a doctor’s prescription for it because while California has lot of great things, legal recreational weed is not one of those things.

The wine is also spendy: about $120-$400 for a half bottle.

These obstacles seem like things that could be changed in time, however — and maybe someday soon we’ll all chill out by sipping a nice glass of weed.

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