Amazing New App Can Transform Anyone Into An Artist

Have you spent your life trying to draw, only to be routinely denied due to sheer inability to design more than a stick figure? Rest assured, our ever-advancing tech sphere has a solution for you!

A new app (launched by Osmo) called Masterpiece seeks to end your sad-sack landscape sketches. Now, before you dash out to download, understand this: The app itself is free, but you must first purchase hardware for their tablet device (around $80). Using this, you first take a picture with your camera (or upload one from a website). The app then takes the image and transforms it into simple shading and lines to follow. The technology traces lines in real time to help the budding artist copy.

But wait! Because you are artistically challenged, you probably don't know where to place your drawing hand. Never fear! A mirror sits on top your device (part of the hardware) and its reflection will guide you to perfect placement. The guide lasts around 30 minutes—so patience, really, is a virtue in copying. 

It doesn't end with pen to paper stuff, though. Oh no. Masterpiece can also be used for drawing henna tattoos, decorating cakes, practicing calligraphy, and countless other crafts. 

Skeptical? Check out this vid—and get arty. 

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