HEY! It's MerMAY! 

art by Julia Green

art by Julia Green

What's better than one day of mermaids? A whole MONTH of mermaids! 

I don't know who came up with the idea of #Mermay but A. You're a genius and B. I love you. What's Mermay? Well, it's a month of mermaids, drawn by some amazing artists who are willing to share their talents with the Internets. That's you! And me! And any other person who wants it. Except people who think mermaids aren't real, this isn't for you. Move along. 

Because of my love of mermaids (and my desire to share that love) I have compiled of few of my favorites for your viewing enjoyment. The world is full of so much garbage right now, take three minutes to bask in Mermay glory. 

First up, Ravishly's own illustrator extraordinarie, Julia Green. (The illustration at the top of this article was also done by Julia and refers back to that time a rando-dude thought he was insulting me by calling me "Mayo Mermaid." LOL no.)

I asked Julia to share a few of HER faves...

Sarah Cosico has done a bunch but this one gave me some feelings.

At last count, Lydia Jean had drawn 23 cuties. I really love this one.


#Mermay Day 6

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(I mean, she's PURPLE.)

Helen Bucher is another winner. Mermaid in an ICE CREAM CONE. Can you EVEN?


mermaid numero 3 #mermay #imfailing #butanyway

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For good measure, how about a merMAN from Isadora Zeferino.


the heir apparent, prince of the seven seas & warden of all fish (even the weird ones like mola mola) his cape is a shoal because it's his royal duty to assure that he can protect and nurture them into health and safety before he is suited to become a king. I loved making the sea king universe a little bigger!!! If you haven't seen it, I just drew his father a while ago!! Dunno who's next now #mermay #mermay2018 #charactersdesign #merman o herdeiro por direito, príncipe dos sete mares & protetor de todos os peixes (mesmo os estranhos tipo o peixe lua) a capa dele é um cardume por que é o dever real dos aspirantes ao trono provar que eles conseguem proteger e cuidar deles antes de estarem prontos pra tomar conta de um reino eu amei fazer o universo do "tritão" um pouquinho maior, ah! se não apareceu pra você, eu fiz o pai dele faz uns dois dias! agora falta decidir quem vai ser o próximo.

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And another from Isadora.


some underwater gossip! whoa i didn't even stop to congratulate myself for finishing a full week! it's already a lot more than i expected and that only makes me more pumped to do my best with the rest! Completing 30 days would be an illusion (it is even when it's inktober) but i always feel like - even when doing only one piece for the entire month - it's fun to be a part of such challenges, mainly to understand that comparing yourself to others in a negative light is often damaging, and that sometimes it's can be fine line between learning and having a good time and pressuring yourself into a collective histeria of productivity. don't forget the main goal, which is practicing, poking your creative juices and enjoying yourself. #mermay #mermay2018 #illustration um pouco de fofoca sub-aquática eita eu nem reparei que já tinha fechado uma semana!!! isso é tão mais do que eu esperava e só me deixa mais animada pra dar meu melhor com o resto... completar os 30 dias pra mim é ilusão até no inktober, mas sempre acho que - mesmo fazendo uma só peça - é divertido participar desse tipo de desafio coletivo, e principalmente aprender a não se comparar com as outras pessoas nem levar as coisas no 8 ou 80. De vez em quando acaba sendo um limite tênue entre se divertir com um tema e se pressionar a seguir uma histeria coletiva de produtividade. Não vamos esquecer do maior objetivo, que é praticar, incentivar sua criatividade e se divertir.

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Here's one I found and then wept over. 

And let's finish it off with another of Ravishly's wonderful illustrators, Sanne from Full of Freckles.


Last year I drew for the first time in markers during #mermay . I thought it would be nice to do the same this year. A happy cheerful fat mermaid! I loved drawing her, but it took a little while to get her right. If you love yourself some mermaids be sure to check out the #mermay hashtag, al lot of illustrators are drawing 1 mermaid a day in the month may. • • • • • • #mermay2018 #mermaid #fatmermaid #fatandhappy #effyourbeautystandards #fatpositive #Fulloffreckles #beautyisnotgeneric #goldenconfidence #fatgirlsbewinning #loveyourcurves #celebratemysize #honormycurves #plusisequal #allbodiesaregoodbodies #lovetheskinyourein #nobodyshame #selflove #hereiam #markerdrawing #markerart #mermaids

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