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We Need To Talk About How Childhood Trauma Affects Education

Don’t most kids feel afraid to come home? Read...
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Why Am I Terrified Of Change?

Want to see me panic? Ask me what I’m going to be doing in 10 years. Read...
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Beyond Before & After
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Pot, Parenting, And Being Raised By An Addict

The one thing I knew I wanted as a kid was to never be like my mother — no Jose Cuervo, no Marlboro Light 100s, no makeup mirror dusted with coke. Read...
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It’s the black cloud that never, ever goes away — despite the resilience it has armored me with.

Addiction & Recovery: When Your Parents Are The Problem

No addiction or recovery story is the same. You don’t always kick the habit and you don’t always find the forgiveness which you seek. Around 60% of Read...
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A letter to you, mom, wherever you are.

A Letter To My Estranged Mother

I don’t know where you are — if you are ok, if you have food, shelter, love. I don’t know what you look like now. Read...
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I am afraid.

A Guide To Loving The Adult Child Of An Addict

Many of you have asked for a companion article that offers some advice for those who love an ACoA (Adult Child of an Alcoholic). So here I am, humbly. Read...
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Sex + LoveBodies

10 Things The Adult Child Of An Addict Wants You To Know

1. We don’t know “normal”. Normal is a relative term, yes. But our normal is not on the relativity scale. Normal for us can include instability, fear Read...
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The only thing predictable is that nothing is ever predictable.

The Thing About Normal: When Your Mother Is An Addict

This must be what happens when you don’t really want to talk about something, but you need to. You talk circles around and around it until you spiral Read...
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