Wearing clothing that shows off my body is a way of publicly declaring that my body is good.

Retail Therapy: Healing From Internalized Sexism Through Shopping

For me, after growing up in evangelical purity culture, few things have been as healing and empowering as shopping. Read...
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If it's okay for other people not to be okay, I have to give myself the same permission.

What Happened When I Stopped Saying "I'm OK" And Started Being Honest

If it's okay for other people not to be okay, I have to give myself the same permission. Read...
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Diana Simumpande via Unsplash

#SelfCareSunday: Naming Your Narcissistic Abuser

When you can’t trust your perception of reality and the things that you are experiencing, who or what can you trust? Read...
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Spring is time for more than cleaning - it's time to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

How To Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is fully coming to life this month. In the rainy Pacific Northwest, we have a later bloom and a sopping wet April with bursts of watery Read...
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Don't lose your cool without trying these seven tips for mood management.

7 Ways To Quickly Change A Bad Mood

Strange, that bad mood of yours won’t disintegrate with someone shaking you and shouting “Snap out of it!” That alllllways does the trick. Just in Read...
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This was a week that all I could think about was time. Having enough damn time to do everything I want to do.

A Really Sh*tty Week 

This has been a week of shitty news. And for me, the eternally glass-half-full kind of girl, that says a lot. Read...
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The pain of the past can be summoned up in something as small as a phone call.

My Parent's Mental Illness Still Affects Me

“You have nine new messages.” I scowl at my phone. I haven’t listened to my voicemail yet — at least not since yesterday —but I know at least eight Read...
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Take your time, treat yourself well, and most of all, don’t let the crappy parts stop you.

What No One Told Me About Eating Disorder Recovery (That Everyone Should Know)

I could tell you the story of the eating disorder itself, but there’s a lot of good reading out there about that. What I want to talk about is Read...
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