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"Body shaming is just one more thing in this big, scary world that I can’t protect her from, but damned if I’ll stop trying."

The Day I Realized I Can't Protect My Daughter From Body Shaming

My toddler was twirling in her tutu bathing suit while I shimmied into my plus-sized polka dot bikini. Since my 2-year-old is still in the phase Read...
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"Seeing big women portrayed as centerpieces in two different films in the same week was something I had never experienced."

Take The Cake: I Want To See Fat Women In Every Film

*Spoiler alert: some character-specific plot point reveals for the films Read...
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Failure And Body Shame On A Guatemalan Volcano

My breathing hastened and my crying intensified. The elevation wasn’t doing me any favors. All I knew was that it was pitch black on a lava field in Read...
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" The future of ending rape culture is intersectional and inclusive. There’s no other way forward."

We Need To Remember Disability When We Talk About Sexual Assault

In the aftermath of my rape, I became an activist for ending rape culture. And I quickly found that even in feminist circles, disability was often Read...
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Traveling While Fat & Black 

This article first appeared on From Annette With Love and has been Read...
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Take The Cake: Networking While Fat

This week I went to a networking event and had feelings about it. This is the story of those feelings.  There are a million reasons why I have a not- Read...
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Other cultures provide more opportunities to see a variety of bodies in the nude.

Your Lack Of Nudity Is Hurting Us All

I want more nudist-friendly spaces. I’m not saying it’s the answer to all of our problems, but I think it could help. I, like many Read...
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 Plus-Size Women Are All Out of Cookies For Straight-Size Men

True allyship is often done behind the scenes. Read...
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