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The Martian Is Basically Legally Blonde In Space: Elle Woods And Competence Porn

The Martian and Legally Blonde have essentially the same plotline: a deeply likable character is isolated in a hostile environment and faced with a Read...
by Jenni Berrett | 10.9.15
Get to work before you, you know, get to work.

5 Ways To Stay Sane While Being Unemployed

Part of the problem with not having a job is that there’s a constant feeling of instability. While working friends often comment that they wish they Read...
Contributed by Rosemary Donahue | 10.9.15
We're no prudes, but this should be less full.

Stop Cursing B*tches! The Real Meaning Behind Our Favorite Curse Phrases

Many people think it’s liberating and empowering to say whatever you want with as many “foul” expletives as possible. But did you know that your Read...
Contributed by Tina Plantamura | 10.9.15

3 Powerful Things You MUST Tell Your Kids About Sex

If I had grown up with a more complete picture of sex up to that point, would I have felt less horrified that day? Read...
Contributed by Lauren Brim of Your Tango | 10.9.15

Sarah Von Bargen: World Traveler, Blogger, Internet BFF

Sarah Von Bargen believes yes is more fun than no. Read...
Contributed by Winona Dimeo-Ediger | 10.8.15

Sarah Bengtsson

On travel, new beginnings, and what she'd say to her past self. Read...
Contributed by Erika Pino | 10.9.15

The View Co-Host Raven-Symone Says She Won't Hire People with "Ghetto" Names

ICYMI, Raven-Symone left pretty much everyone shaking their heads this morning when she Read...
Contributed by Jody Allard | 10.9.15

Rinna Rem, Calling Out White People

I cannot even with this, so I'm just going to get right to it.  Rinna Rem, a Thai-Cambodian woman living in PDX, has started a crowd-funding Read...
by joni edelman | 10.9.15
Photo credit: Barbie.com

This Amazing Video Will Change the Way You See Barbie Dolls…But Is It Enough?

Mattel’s brand new video featuring empowered little girls will make you cry. But will the toy industry ever change? Read...
Contributed by Joanna Schroeder | 10.9.15
Use your words...really.

6 Things Your Kids Need To Hear You Say

The truth is, my kids are not going to grow a deeper character thanks to perfect floors. Granted, it will make life easier for me, no doubt: there Read...
Contributed by Tamarah Rockwood | 10.9.15
The '70s is for everyone.

Off The Cuff: How Do I Make The ‘70s Trend Work For My Body Type?

There is no law that says only certain body types are allowed to wear certain styles of clothing. Nothing terrible is going to happen to you if you Read...
Contributed by Winona Dimeo-Ediger | 10.9.15
Everyone needs help now and then. There's no shame in it.

Poverty, Aid And Not Begrudging People That Need Help

Ever hear the phrase, “We were poor growing up, but I didn't know it?” It was a common refrain in my family. When my mother and aunt speak about Read...
Contributed by Michaela Mitchell | 10.9.15

Internal Review Released Today STILL Brings No Justice For Rehtaeh Parsons

Prosecutors could have "reasonably" proceeded with sexual assault charges in the Rehtaeh Parsons case or declined to pursue them, according to a Read...
Contributed by Jody Allard | 10.8.15
This lady? Future leader.

5 Things Extroverts Can Learn From Introverts

Far from being shy and retiring wallflowers, introverts can be just as successful, (Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling), proving that you don’t have to be the Read...
Contributed by Cynthia Lawrence | 10.8.15
It's not that hard, we promise.

5 Ways To Ease Yourself Out Of A Fashion Rut

There is no way around it, whenever you find yourself in a fashion rut, it’s pretty difficult to get out of. A fashion rut puts us in a place of Read...
Contributed by Allison Cooper | 10.8.15
This story involves jumping out a second-floor window.

On Ghosting: Oh, The Lengths We Will Go To Avoid Confrontation

"Because you acted like a stupid bitch." That’s what it says on the paper, the tiny piece of paper, or maybe envelope or napkin that I found in the Read...
Contributed by Erin Khar | 10.8.15
Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner

Why No Woman-From-Birth Should Be Threatened By A Transgender Woman

There isn't a competition between transgender women and cisgender women on who's the better woman. How you express your womanhood is up to you, as is Read...
Contributed by Christine Schoenwald of Your Tango | 10.8.15