Sex Work Simply Is

Arbitrary moral standards aside, I think sex work is best understood as a labor issue. Read...
Submitted by Dr. Richard Wagner | 09.18.14
The divine miss Zadie Smith (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

BBC's National Short Story Award Honorees Are All Women

Five insanely talented female writers, including Zadie Smith and Rose Tremain, have earned the highest of literary praise. Read...
by Nikki Gloudeman | 09.18.14
Credit: Panic! At the Disco Youtube Channel

Watch: Panic! At The Disco Covers 'Bohemian Rhapsody'—And It Doesn't Suck!

The impossible has happened. Queen's classic hit has been successfully emulated. Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 09.18.14

Tina Fey is Absolutely Killing It On The Red Carpet

In promoting her new film This is Where I Leave You, Fey has been on her style A game. Read...
by Flora Tsapovsky | 09.18.14
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Sex And The Talmud: Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Men Are Obligated To Make Their Wives Come First 

Jewish law obligates men to make the woman orgasm first. Um . . . get me to the synagogue and under that chuppah ASAP. Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 09.18.14
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Breaking News: Misogyny 'Alive And Well' For Female Bartenders

A searing open "thank you note" calling out gross guy behavior at a bar has gone viral. Read...
by Kelley Calkins | 09.18.14
Courtesy of by user Reed

When South Korean Culture Celebrates 'No Means Yes'

Cult classic Oldboy illustrates complex socio-sexual morays among South Korean society. Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 09.18.14
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Do The Kardashians Have Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

We mock Kim et al ruthlessly . . . but we also can't get enough. What's going on here? Read...
by Nikki Gloudeman | 09.18.14

Why Are 'Lesbian Feminists' Attacking Trans Women?

We deserve to be safe. We deserve to live—even at the cost of your flawed, incomplete grasp of lesbian identity. Read...
Contributed by Jetta Rae DoubleCakes | 09.18.14
Courtesy of Youtube

Can't Get To Second Base? Oculus Rift Is Here To Help!

Welcome to the Boobie Squeezing Simulator. I wish I were making this up. Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 09.17.14
 Gap model checks herself out in the mirror while making out. Because she dresses "like no one is watching," you guys. (Credit: YouTube)

The Gap's 'Dress Normal' Ads Are Bullshit Dressed In Black And White

The Gap come autumn: where normcore and film noir cleverly collide. Read...
Contributed by Kate Ryan | 09.17.14
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Who Says God Isn't Listening? Mature Women Grace New Fashion Ads

And Marisa Tomei is one of them! Could life get more perfect? Read...
by Flora Tsapovsky | 09.17.14
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Dating Advice From Way Back When—Does It Still Hold Up?

Historically, some dating advice has been pretty heinous—but a few pro-tips still have some value! Here's the good, the bad and the ridiculous. Read...
by Amanda Lauren | 09.17.14
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

MacArthur Foundation Confirms Something We Already Knew: Alison Bechdel Is A Genius

Alison Bechdel wins MacArthur 'Genius Grant' because . . . duh. Read...
by Kelley Calkins | 09.17.14

Confession: I Ate Mushrooms, Saw Frozen And Had A Sisterly Revelation 

Millie lowered her voice and asked me if I had plans for the rest of the day. Did I want to make some mushroom tea and watch Frozen in Union Square? Read...
| 09.17.14
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The Military Is About To Get Octopus-Inspired Camouflage

The military wants in on the disappearing magic of cephalopods. Read...
by Katie Tandy | 09.17.14
Swipe left, LOL! (Credit: ThinkStock)

What I Learned While Tindering My Way Across The Country

A girl, her thumb, and her iPhone traverse the USA. Read...
by Kelley Calkins | 09.17.14