Grown-ups throw tantrums, too.

5 Ways To Deal With Your Kid's Snarkiness (Without Losing Your Mind)

Your happy, united family suddenly shifts to you versus your tired and hungry preschooler, frustrated elementary kid who isn’t getting what she wants Read...
Article is satire, photo is unfortunately real. Source: <a href="">Awkward Family Photos</a>

6 Helpful Holiday Photo Tips

1. Borrow a child. Read...
Contributed by Eliana Osborn | 11.28.15
A new take on buying happiness.

I 'Rented' A Mom For A Day And It Was 100 Times Better Than Therapy

My first thought was: How do you rent a mom? Read...
Contributed by Caithlin Pena of Your Tango | 11.27.15

Codependency Isn't A Disorder, It's A Relationship Dynamic

As someone who has been through her fair share of codependent relationships, and has coached and mediated numerous clients out of and onward from Read...
Contributed by Arianna Jeret of The Good Men Project | 11.27.15

Lisa Loeb: Singer-Songwriter

'90s icon. Mom. Actress. Still rocking the glasses look. Read...
Contributed by Gerry Strauss | 11.27.15
On how she ended up in San Francisco:
"I kind of just go where the wind takes me. I was led here to San Francisco five weeks ago. I call it the source, some people call it Jesus, or Lord or whatever. To me it's the source of everything in Mother Earth, Father Sky. That's who I work for. I'm not without a job –– I'm working 24/7. I'm a soldier of the light, and I'm being led to dark places. Right now, that's on the streets."

Summer Sunday Turner Is A Soldier Of The Light

On how she ended up in San Francisco: Read...
Contributed by Erika Pino | 11.27.15

5 Signs You're In A Desperate Relationship

You might not know the truth even as you’re living it. Each day passes into the next and you remain oblivious, always living and trying your hardest Read...
Contributed by Hilary Lauren of The Good Men Project | 11.27.15
Young and old.

Shelly Horton: 'I Didn't Have A Clue What My Parents Wanted If They Got Dementia.'

So how do you talk to your parents about aged care living? I’m not going to sugarcoat it: it’s hard. Read...
Contributed by Shelly Horton of Debrief Daily | 11.27.15
I heart Trevor.

My Future Love Affair With Trevor Noah (That Will Totally Happen)

I’ve developed a fast and furious passion for the new Daily Show host, Trevor Noah. Read...
Contributed by Eliana Osborn | 11.27.15
The author and her husband. Image: The Glow

“I Just Saw Us As A Guy And A Girl. I Didn’t See Us As ‘Chinese Carla’ And ‘White Jeff’.”

I’m one half of what you may call an “interracial couple,” and even though we live in a multicultural area, the reactions and comments we get Read...
Contributed by Carla GS of The Glow | 11.27.15
Photo credit: Daniel Allen

Why I Opted Out Of Thanksgiving

I stopped hosting the holiday at my house, and instead of inviting a barrage of people over for face-stuffing, I turned Thanksgiving into a quiet Read...
Contributed by Kelly Davio | 11.27.15
The struggle is real.

What's Really Happening If You Work Retail: The Black Friday Edition 

You turn your back to deal with a crying toddler (I mean, answer a customer's question) and when you look back, every single shirt is unfolded and on Read...
Contributed by Michaela Mitchell | 11.26.15
It's time to take a breather.

8 Ways To IMMEDIATELY Stop Anxiety From Sucking The Life Out Of You

Having anxiety isn't fun, but it seems like anxiety is continuously making its way into my life. And that means I've got to fight anxiety right back Read...
Contributed by Laura Lifshitz of Your Tango | 11.26.15
Keeping him to yourself might be worth it.

Lesson Learned: Why I'm No Longer Sharing My Boyfriend On Social Media 

In the past four months, I’ve undergone a veritable dating hurricane. I ran out on my 10-month-old marriage in August. I texted my decision and Read...
Contributed by Liz Lazzara | 11.26.15
Beef: Yes or No?

What’s The Beef: Sacred Cow Or Cultural Scapegoat?

So this year as we celebrated Diwali, I discovered that by cooking beef, I had protested food injustice, true. But hadn't I also adhered to a well- Read...
Contributed by Kaumudi Marathé | 11.24.15

Ask Erin!: Is He Just Not That Into Me?

Also, in my experience, a little cold never stopped me (or anyone I was dating who was interested in me) from going out with someone I liked. Maybe Read...
Contributed by Erin Khar of RarelyWrongErin | 11.24.15
Not that weird, folks.

Calling All Dads: Facebook Sets The Tone For Paternity Leave

Facebook is just one of a number of Silicon Valley firms offering paid leave to workers — whether that’s maternity or paternity. Read...
Contributed by Nico Lang | 11.24.15