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Ravish Me This . . . Top 5 Reads Of The Week

Pin-up fashion help. Sex-talk with kids. And accidentally "fluffing" a porn star. Being a woman is amazing. Read...
by Katie Tandy | 03.28.15

That Time I Failed To Date Myself

I know I’m not easy to love, or date. I know this because I dated myself. Read...
by Jetta Rae DoubleCakes | 03.27.15

Some Helpful Career Advice From A Pompous Mansplainer

"No self-respecting journalist or publication would ever hire someone who employs the word 'sh--' as a title for anything." Read...
Contributed by Kate Ryan | 03.27.15

Literary Life Lessons From 5 Extraordinary Black Female Protagonists

Literature provides space for Black women to see happiness and triumph. Read...
Contributed by Evette Dionne | 03.27.15

Cari Borja: Designer, Anthropologist

salon dinner hostess. former pro rollerskater. multi-hyphenate extraordinaire. Read...
by Flora Tsapovsky | 03.27.15

Alice N. Muwonge: New Oakland Arrival

Spotted in: Downtown Oakland Read...
Contributed by Erika Pino | 03.28.15

Fiction Friday: At Fourteen

His mouth was soft. He could swear, make out, act indifferent, complain, and get embarrassed all in five minutes. Read...
Contributed by Janet Shell Anderson | 03.27.15
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How Lee Daniels’ Empire Improved Upon Tyler Perry’s Brand Of Drama

Tyler Perry must be somewhere cursing Lee Daniels for stealing his “all of it, everything, more is never enough” formula of storytelling. Read...
Contributed by Demetria Lucas D'Oyley of The Grio | 03.26.15
Émilie Du Châtelet (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Where Are All The Female Philosophers?

Is the gender of the philosopher a marginal curiosity—or is it more central? Read...
Contributed by Noah Berlatsky | 03.26.15
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Should We Fight Back Against Misogynist Trolls?

To fight trolls is to feed them. But to ignore them is to let their provocations go unchallenged. Read...
Submitted by Emmett Rensin | 03.26.15

Why Silver Is The New Blonde

Why, when I'm cool with being a salt-and-pepper chick, does it so clearly unnerve others? Read...
Contributed by Catherine Gigante-Brown | 03.26.15

The Little House On The Prarie Characters: From The Genocidal To The White Supremacist

Of course, Pa wasn't perfect. He had a definite libertarian/white supremacist/manifest destiny streak. Read...
Contributed by Anne Thériault | 03.26.15
Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit.       Courtesy of Thinkstock.

5 Things I Want My Kids To Know About Sex

I want my kids to have an understanding of the truth of sex, the ins, the outs, the details no one wants to ask anyone—least of all their mom. Read...
Contributed by Joni Edelman | 03.26.15

How Can I Go From Punk To Pinup? 

Our resident aesthetic ace offers fashion advice to a "professorial punk femme." Read...
Contributed by Winona Dimeo-Ediger | 03.25.15
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Am I A Sex Addict?

I have slept with three men in one day—one 24-hour period. While that may seem a lot to many, I saw that as only a few. I could've done more . . . Read...
Contributed by Karen Washington of Kinkly | 03.25.15

What Happens When Men Cover Female-Penned Songs?

These covers remind us of the lengthy, rich—but often obscured—history of female songwriters. Read...
Contributed by Noah Berlatsky | 03.25.15

Why I Decided To Medicate My ADHD Children

I was haggard, exhausted, and feeling hopeless. "When are my kids ever going to be normal?" I felt deep down it would never happen. Read...
Contributed by Tamar Shtrambrand | 03.25.15

Meditating Is My Personal Hell

I'm a freakin' Buddha. And then I'm seriously starting to freak out. Read...
by Katie Tandy | 03.25.15
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Helpful Spring Cleaning Advice From Gothic Novelist Shirley Jackson

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your neighbors are watching. They know what you did and what they need to do. So let them. Read...
Contributed by Beulah Maud Devaney | 03.24.15
 Behind the scenes of an Adventure Studios shoot, the cameraman helps a starlet into her negligee.

Confession: I Was An Accidental "Fluffer" On A Porn Set

How is it possible to be a fluffer by accident? Often, it's just by being there. Read...
Contributed by Anonymous | 03.24.15