Technological Innovation Has Changed The Cosmetic Surgery Game

Along with technological advances in the field, the last decades have brought about a major shift in attitudes toward plastic surgery. Read...
Submitted by Dr. Kimberly Henry | 11.21.14
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#BestInDelusionalWhiteMen Longreads

My favorite exploits of white men who reach for the stars and fall far short. Read...
Contributed by Kelsium of Persephone Magazine | 11.21.14
Spoiler alert: Yes. (Credit: Facebook)

In Honor Of Mike Nichols, A Defense Of Mrs. Robinson

A new perspective on the classic film by Nichols, who passed away today. Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 11.20.14
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Why The Petition To Cancel 19 Kids & Counting Is About So Much More Than A Reality Show

A petition to challenge the Duggars' anti-LGBTQ actions is closing in on 100,000 signatures. Here's why it matters. Read...
by Nikki Gloudeman | 11.20.14
Don't worry your pretty head Barbie, those numbers and codes aren't for you.

Barbie's New "I Can Be A Computer Engineer" Book Is The Most Sexist Bullshit Yet

The latest transgression of Mattel’s signature doll is pretty egregious. Read...
Contributed by Camira Powell | 11.20.14

Photo Essay: Art Tells The Story Of Cézanne's Troubled Marriage

A new Met exhibit explores the incredible art that can come from marital mediocrity. Read...
Contributed by Rebeka Burns | 11.20.14
Don't trip. Credit: YouTube

They Look Cool In The New Disney Trailer . . . But Were Cinderella's Slippers Really Made Of Glass?

The new live action Cinderella flick boasts some gorg glass slippers . . . possibly because squirrel fur slippers aren't as flashy. Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 11.19.14

Why The "Body-Positive" Lammily Doll Is Anything But

A new sticker pack for the "realistic" Lammily doll is designed to make imperfections seem beautiful. I'm not buying it. Read...
by Nikki Gloudeman | 11.19.14
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I’m A Straight Woman Who Married A Gay Man

My doubts about our marriage started when I realized how difficult it was for my husband. I didn't know the depth of the issue. Read...
Contributed by Ashlee Lukas of The Good Men Project | 11.19.14

I Discovered My High School Hook Up Is A Maybe Pedophile

I don’t know why, but I recently Googled him and saw the requisite Facebook page with pictures of his wife and son. Then I found something disturbing. Read...
by Amanda Lauren | 11.19.14

Fumbling Toward Friendship, Part 1: Christine Love & Maddy Myers

Games makers/writers Christine Love & Maddy Myers join the interview fray to wax femme empowerment in games. Read...
by Jetta Rae DoubleCakes | 11.19.14
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Confessions Of A Neurotic Fashionista

I'll never be able to wear an off-sleeve sweater, a headscarf or jeans tucked into boots. Surely, I'm not alone in my neurosis. Read...
by Flora Tsapovsky | 11.19.14

Don Lemon, Victim Blaming And The Myth Of The Singular Rape Experience

The CNN reporter's needling of a woman who says Bill Cosby assaulted her illustrates a much larger, and deeply troubling, issue. Read...
by Kelley Calkins | 11.19.14
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The Good And Bad Of My Bipolar II Diagnosis And Demeanor

I’m lucky to be smart, to have an astonishingly good memory. Or maybe I’m lucky to be bipolar. Read...
Contributed by Joni Edelman | 11.19.14
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Fox News Stretches Bounds Of Reason To Explain Anger Toward Cosby

Fox News writer Howard Kurtz says the media's just smarting over Cosby's previous "non-PC" statements about the black community. Seriously? Read...
by Nikki Gloudeman | 11.18.14

Is It Morally OK To Binge-Watch The Sex Crimes Of Law & Order: SVU?

Does this wildly popular show glorify sexual violence . . . or raise awareness of it? Read...
by Jody Amable | 11.18.14
You know I'm all about that vape, bout that vape. Credit: Thinkstock

Welcome "Vape": 2014's Controversial Word Of The Year!

Bravo for choosing a controversial word, Oxford Dictionary. Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 11.18.14