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Who’s The Baddest Of Them All? A Definitive Ranking Of The Top 7 Most Kick-ass Witches Of All Time

Witches in movies and TV tend to have a nasty reputation for being “evil” (ie, being angry or otherwise not conforming to socially acceptable Read...
| 10.31.14
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"The Ultimate Humiliation": What It's Like To Be Prison Strip-Searched

I wasn’t going to write about this. But then I realized it’s the elephant in the room and cannot be ignored. Read...
Submitted by Sue Ellen Allen | 10.30.14
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Best Kink Games For Beginners

These Twine games prove that the Jian Ghomeshi rape scandal doesn't represent the kink community. At all. Read...
by Jetta Rae DoubleCakes | 10.30.14
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No Scream Queens Allowed: Our 11 Favorite Women Of Horror Films

Carrie, The Alien Queen and Clarice Starling are definitely invited to our Halloween party. Read...
by Jody Amable | 10.30.14
This is not a photo of me. But it may as well be. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Confession: I Participated In A Sleazy Cancun Wet T-Shirt Contest

I'm a feminist who has to get something off my chest that’s, well . . . about my chest. Read...
| 10.30.14
Is this hell, or my home? (Credit: Twitter)

San Francisco, We're Better Than This: A Fan's Reaction To The World Series Riots

The city I saw last night is not the city I live in and love. Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 10.30.14
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With Street Harassment "Joke," Michael Che Becomes Latest Feminist Letdown

The SNL host has revealed himself to be a smart-ass, self-important disappointment. Damn. Read...
by Jody Amable | 10.30.14
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Detention At Monster High: Flash Fiction

At Monster High, Jimmy Werewolf gets another demerit for forgetting to shave again. Read...
Contributed by Kate Ryan | 10.30.14

Watch: T-Pain Sings For NPR Sans Auto-Tune, And . . . Wow

Can T-Pain sing without his trusty auto-tune? NPR's "Tiny Desk" concert series finds out. Read...
by Nikki Gloudeman | 10.30.14
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3 LGBTQ Superheroes Who Belong On The Silver Screen

Marvel is finally making films fronted by a female and black superhero. Now, how about pushing for some LGBTQ protagonists? Read...
by Nikki Gloudeman | 10.29.14

If Dads Date Their Daughters, Are Moms Supposed To Be “Dating” Their Sons Too?

Why have we decided that father-daughter time should involve an element of role-play—and mother-son time should not? Read...
Contributed by Tom Burns of The Good Men Project | 10.29.14
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Watch: Daniel Radcliffe Is A Magical Rapper—Can You Keep Up?

Forget Harry Potter—just for (an incredible) four minutes. Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 10.29.14
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Gene Simmons Tells Women To Stop Relying On Men: He's Kinda Right And Kinda Wrong

In a recent interview, the Kiss rockstar gave some mixed advice for lady-types. Read...
by Amanda Lauren | 10.29.14
SHUT UP! It's for class! (Credit: ThinkStock)

UPenn Offers "Wasting Time On The Internet" Class

Before decrying the state of education, hear us out: This course makes a lot of sense. Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 10.29.14
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On Death And Driving Lessons

Three of my grandparents died within seven months of each other. And I didn't even have a driver's license. Read...
Contributed by Brianne Hogan | 10.29.14
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What Happened When I Found My First Gray Hair

I always expected my intro to grey hair would be filled with a kind of resigned sadness, if not despair. Spoiler alert: It wasn't. Read...
Contributed by Lisa Marie White | 10.29.14