Non-fiction for the young feminist.

5 Nonfiction Books For The Feminist Teenager In Your Life

One of the greatest pleasures of my librarian life is being able to introduce teenagers to books that broaden their worldview and strengthen their Read...
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Style + Beauty
Hint: None if them are this eye shadow.

5 Makeup Must-Haves From $2.99-$12.99

I’m pretty lucky if I wake up and don’t look like someone punched me in the face. I have five Read...
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Sex + Love

How To Reignite The Spark In Your Marriage

Would you like to be married to the partner of your dreams? Would you like to have a marriage that is heavenly instead of ho-hum? Would you like your Read...
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“Can you be a good boy? Mommy will give you a treat!” Do you know who I’m talking to? Me neither.

Why Having A Dog Is Like Having Kids

Several months ago I read a piece from a mother who was so over people comparing raising kids to taking care of their “furbabies.” The annoyance and Read...
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Beyoncé Kills At The Superbowl, White People Complain

She unleashed a whole new level of #blackgirlmagic that I did not even realize I needed. And honey, if I didn't realize I needed it, well then hell, Read...
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#RavReads: My Life On The Road, By Gloria Steinem

My Life on the Road (or MLR) is not what I expected...the idea of not waiting for experience to come to you permeates the book. Read...
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My Struggle With Binge Eating Disorder

I told her in graphic detail about my binges, about the amount and type of food that I forced into my mouth long after I was full, about the lengths Read...
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Recovery is an ongoing process.

Musings From My Time In The Psych Ward

“Are you a cutter?” the medical aide asked me, gearing to strap a blood-pressure monitor around my upper arm to take my vitals at 11 o’clock one Read...
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“I don’t feel like I have to hide anymore”: Nashville’s Hayden Panettiere opens up about PND

She was vocal about the condition up and down the red carpet, telling reporters she wanted to set a good example for her daughter. "I do feel and Read...
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