There Goes The Neighborhood: Ebola Found In The U.S.

The CDC insists the risk for a U.S. outbreak is "very low." Still, it's hard not to worry about this latest news. Read...
by Katie Tandy | 09.30.14
Image: Facebook

Why You Should Really Care About The New Mrs. Clooney

You've read about her dress and vows. Now brush up on your knowledge of the human rights issues Amal Alamuddin has devoted her life to addressing. Read...
by Nikki Gloudeman | 09.30.14

Watch: Aretha Franklin Nails Mashup Of "Rolling In The Deep" And "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

Aretha recently took to David Letterman's stage and blew some minds out the back-door. Now that is a diva with a capital D. Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 09.30.14

Why Thai Teen Drama Hormones Could Shift Social Morays

If you can pull yourself from the onslaught of fall TV that’s streaming from every imaginable device . . . you need to watch "Hormones." Read...
Contributed by Sofia Barrett-Ibarria | 09.30.14
Credit: Ello

What The Hell Is Ello—And Will It Be The New Facebook?

It's touting itself as the ad-free answer to all our social network dreams. But does Ello really have what it takes to succeed? Read...
by Kelley Calkins | 09.30.14
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Confession: I'm A Feminist, But I Like To Be Called 'Whore'

Does wanting to be a dirty little slut make me a bad woman? Read...
| 09.30.14

Why Good2Go, A New Consensual Sex App, Isn't Good To Go

Anytime anyone is explicitly discussing the notion of consent, an angel gets its wings. But in this particular instance, I am feeling conflicted. Read...
by Kelley Calkins | 09.30.14

Exclusive First Look At Gina B. Nahai's The Luminous Heart of Jonah S.

“Such big words for a little person,” he had said, and only then did he take her hand and shake it . . .“You smell like the north,” he had said. Read...
| 09.30.14

Reese Witherspoon's Style: No Longer Legally Bland

When it comes to fashion, everyone's favorite girl next door has finally grown up. Read...
by Flora Tsapovsky | 09.30.14
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5 Reasons to Watch Amazon's New Streaming Show, Transparent

George Bluth Sr. stars as a trans woman. So. Much. Yes. Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 09.29.14

Does The World Really Need A 'Yahoo For Men'?

In a world dominated by a blur of lactating breasts, mommy porn, hemlines and feelings, James Heckman has had enough. Read...
by Katie Tandy | 09.29.14

Things My Exes Left Behind: The Handmade Apron And The Mother In Me

The apron was a birthday gift—to both of us, really. She was the first woman to ever call me 'Mommy.' Read...
Contributed by Jetta Rae DoubleCakes | 09.29.14
Yelena Serova's not having it. We shouldn't, either. (Credit: YouTube)

Female Cosmonaut Is, Of Course, Asked About Her Makeup And Hair

Journalists should all take a cue from Yelena Serova, the astronaut who recently fired back against misogyny at a press conference. Read...
by Nikki Gloudeman | 09.29.14
Credit: Google+

Veterans Group Slams Fox News For Sexist 'Boobs On The Ground' Comment—And It's Amazing

Usually we try to ignore Fox News. But this epic takedown was too good to pass up. Read...
by Kelley Calkins | 09.29.14
Coffee is so amazing that I want to smell it while naked. (Credit: ThinkStock)

How Coffee Can Help You In Bed 

Happy #NationalCoffeeDay! Now celebrate with something tall, dark and hot. Sip, sip. Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 09.29.14
Sasikala Natarajan, left, and J. Jayalalitha, right, are now both in jail.

The Shocking Downfall Of One Of India's Most Powerful Female Politicians 

J. Jayalalitha, a popular chief minister, has landed in jail as a result of a friend's betrayal. Hers is a story both sordid and damning. Read...
by Mala V | 09.29.14