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GamerGate's Economy Of Harassment And Violence

GamerGate inflicts harm by conducting harassment through an exchange of unquantifiable currency. Read...
by Jetta Rae DoubleCakes | 10.20.14
Illustrations by Ajah Courts (

China Street: Fiction From Quail Bell Magazine

The moon sauntered out from a curtain of clouds, whispering, “All things must end.” Read...
Contributed by Christine Stoddard of Quail Bell Magazine | 10.20.14

A Homophobic Attack On A Woman’s Marriage Helps Her Understand What True 'Family' Means

What happens when your marriage is attacked and vilified by your own cousin? Read...
Contributed by Rob Watson | 10.20.14
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Take Us Off The Pedestal, Please: Women Can Be Just As Evil As Men

Gone Girl is a reminder of a fact society has long had a hard time grasping: Moral depravity knows no gender. Read...
by Jane Jones | 10.20.14
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San Francisco Bans Lorde's 'Royals' During World Series; We Approve

The San Francisco Giants will obviously dominate the Kansas City Royals. And no, that's not a biased opinion at all . . . Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 10.20.14

Our Dream Ghostbusters Cast With Queer Women And Women Of Color

Jane Lynch, Aubrey Plaza, Rosario Dawson, Laverne Cox . . . we're looking at you. Read...
Contributed by Jetta Rae DoubleCakes | 10.19.14

SPAGHETTIFICATION: Fiction From Luna Luna Magazine

For thirteen days, we have walked near each other, but not too near. Read...
Contributed by Beth Gilstrap | 10.19.14

This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Will Zimbabwe Soon Have A Female President?

Also this week: Scotland readies for its first female prime minister, and Hillary slams the media. Read...
by Nikki Gloudeman | 10.19.14
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What The FriXion? New Social Network Lets You Do It With Robots

If you love to have sex, but really hate the whole human-connection thing, do we have the perfect tech-fix for you! Read...
by Amanda Lauren | 10.18.14

Terminator Tiff: Flash Fiction

I saw my old babysitter at a women’s wrestling cage match. Read...
Contributed by Kate Ryan | 10.18.14
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Are 'Our Girls' Finally Being Brought Back? Hopeful News From Nigeria

After six excruciating months, could the 200 girls who've been under Boko Haram's control be coming back? Read...
by Kelley Calkins | 10.17.14
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We Smell With Every Organ In Our Body, Not Just Our Noses

German scientists have discovered that exposing damaged skin to a certain sandalwood smell causes it to heal 30% faster. WTF. Read...
by Katie Tandy | 10.17.14

It's National Pasta Day, Don't Eat At Olive Garden

"Don't ever eat at Olive Garden," warned my dad, "it's an insult to your ancestry." Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 10.17.14
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Fall Of The Machine Age: MMA Fighter Attempts Suicide in Jail

The cycle of un-addressed intimate partner violence in MMA continues for War Machine, now recovering from a suicide attempt. Read...
Contributed by Jetta Rae DoubleCakes | 10.17.14
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From The Secretly Gay To The Sexually Loose: Most Annoying Bisexual Tropes In Pop Culture

Film, TV and music have not done the struggling bisexual cause any favors. Sigh. Read...
by Nikki Gloudeman | 10.17.14

Baby Jesus Has Heard Your Prayers: One Foundation To Rule Them All

A handy little product eliminates the much-dreaded mismatched foundation. Read...
by Katie Tandy | 10.17.14

Science Is Sweet: The Eerie Tale Of Utah's Ancient Tree Clones

This isn’t some genetically-modified farming experiment gone awry—these pristine clones are all natural. And creepy. Read...
by Jane Jones | 10.17.14