Emma Watson As Belle In Beauty And The Beast Remake: A Win For Feminism

UN Women's Ambassador as Disney princess? Actually, it makes a lot of sense. Read...
by Jody Amable | 01.26.15

The Meninist Manual Of Gaming

To set right what has been fractured, we bring you the essential masculinity education of Joust. Read...
by Jetta Rae DoubleCakes | 01.26.15

Happy Belated Birthday, Dr. King! Love, Your Not-So-Subtly Racist Pal, Woolite

Dark skin Black girl. Black dress. Tagline: For the Love of Darks. We see you Woolite. Your blithe ignorance is keeping racism alive. Read...
Contributed by Adiba Nelson of The Good Men Project | 01.25.15

Grandparents Camp: Flash Fiction

My parents got the idea they’d send me to stay at my grandparents’ house in Florida for a week. I think my mother needed a week to herself. Read...
Contributed by Kate Ryan | 01.25.15
Dr. Rachel Levine (Credit: Pennsylvania State University)

This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Transgender Woman To Become Pennsylvania's Physician General

Also this week: Meet the woman hoping to usurp Netanyahu in Israel. And guess who Hillary is killing in the polls. Read...
by Nikki Gloudeman | 01.24.15

A Pro Wrestling Reaction Face For Every Occasion

"Just because I'm white doesn't mean I have white privilege. I grew up in a black neighborhood." Read...
by Jetta Rae DoubleCakes | 01.24.15
Credit: Thinkstock

Ravishly's Top 5 Reads Of The Week

Roe v. Wade, shirtless men, and Internet trolls. Just another week at Ravishly. Read...
Contributed by Ravishly Staff | 01.24.15
Scene from opening night in Washington, DC

Inside Out Of Silence, The Abortion Play Vying To Be The Next Vagina Monologues

We get a firsthand look at the women behind a powerful new play aimed at de-stigmatizing the abortion experience. Read...
by Nikki Gloudeman | 01.23.15

A Response To The Insulting, Mystifying "Why Women Shouldn't Code"  

According to Francine Hardaway, "our current initiative to try to teach girls to code is misguided." Say what? Read...
Contributed by Camira Powell | 01.23.15
Credit: Vimeo/Rescued Film Project

Rescued Film Project Resurrects Incredible 70-Year-Old Footage

Not to get all clickbait-y on ya, but the end will actually WOW you . . . Read...
by Jody Amable | 01.23.15

Fiction Friday: Boys And Bicycles

My stomach turns at the touch of his rough hands, and I vomit on his bare feet. Read...
Contributed by Deirdre Coyle | 01.23.15
Credit: Thinkstock

Color Me Kinky: Sploshing (Food Fetish)

Also known as Wet And Messy (WAM), this fetish is nothing short of a multisensory extravaganza. Read...
by Katie Tandy | 01.23.15
Credit: Thinkstock

10 Reasons Why Christian Men Should Not Marry Me

In response to "10 Women Christian Men Should Not Marry," I bring you my own helpful list . . . Read...
Contributed by [E] Hillary of Persephone Magazine | 01.23.15

"You Have To Yell At Nature": Billy Mitchell & Walter Day Speak Out On Inclusion Of Women In Video Games

The star of King of Kong and the founder of Twin Galaxies attempt to explain the gaming gender gap. Read...
by Jetta Rae DoubleCakes | 01.22.15
Credit: Flicker/Johannes Grunert

Your Guide To Anti-Immigrant Groups In Europe

For your education, let's take a look at the two biggest groups making the most anti-outsider noise in Western Europe right now. Read...
by Jody Amable | 01.22.15

Top 10 Safety Tips For Ancient Greek Women

Consider asking your father to turn you into a tree. Read...
Contributed by Anne Thériault | 01.22.15
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe—And Feminism?

C.S. Lewis' classic book presents an unlikely challenge to the patriarchy in the form of its true hero, Lucy. Read...
Contributed by Noah Berlatsky | 01.22.15