Comedy Duo - Frangela

Frangela's Idiot Of The Week: Man Makes Love To Car

Well, well, well, I've seen many a things in my 13,943 days on the earth, but I have only seen a man making love to a car once, and thanks to Read...
Contributed by Ms. Fox | 05.30.15
Street Harassment With Kids

Not OK: Street Harassment When I'm With My Child

It’s bad enough when I’m street harassed out by myself — I feel vulnerable and deciding how to respond can be hard. But it gets really complicated Read...
Contributed by Britni de la Cretaz | 05.30.15

The Unique Challenges Of Having A Special Needs Child

When we first received my son’s holoprosencephaly diagnosis, I asked why me? Why was this happening to our family? What did we do to deserve this? Read...
Submitted by Sarah Halstead | 05.29.15

5 Things Friday: Parenting Pitfalls

Becoming a parent is a blessed and sacred event. Never has there been a more life altering experience. No, seriously. Things you could never imagine Read...
by joni edelman | 05.29.15

Dolores DeLuce: Actress, Author, Knitter to the Stars

The Ultimate Counter Culture Diva Read...
Contributed by Catherine Gigante-Brown | 05.29.15

Kaiya: Manager, Comic And Music Enthusiast 

Spotted: Downtown SF Read...
Contributed by Erika Pino | 05.30.15
facial hair

7 Things They Don't Tell You About A Hysterectomy

Without sufficient estrogen in your body, you begin growing a crop of course hair on your chin. If you are as lucky as I am, they are PITCH BLACK! Read...
Contributed by Katina P. Mamigonian-Ionescu | 05.29.15
Tamarah's Gluten Free Stuffed Mushrooms with Goat Cheese, Bacon, and Asparagus

How To Survive The Gluten Free BBQ

Before I discovered I had celiac, I ate whatever I desired. Since discovering this autoimmune blessing (yes, blessing), I research what food I am, Read...
Contributed by Tamarah Rockwood | 05.29.15
Eyeshadow tutorial? Why not?

A Case For YouTube Candle — And Makeup And Hair And Room Redo— Videos

Last week I had a bit of a meltdown. It was not a good time. Luckily, I was able to calm myself down with one of the most beautiful pastimes to have Read...
Contributed by Jenni Berrett | 05.29.15
David with his taller friends

Little Wonder: Stupid Things People Say To Short People

Even when I explained to my son that he came from a long line of short people, it didn’t help. David still felt bad about being small. How could a Read...
Contributed by Catherine Gigante-Brown | 05.29.15

When Another Mother Raises The Baby You Gave Birth To

It's a funny thing, being a birthmom. People ask if our two boys are my only children and I'm stuck momentarily in this place of, "Should I share my Read...
Submitted by Melissa Amato | 05.28.15

5 Tips For Talking About Incest...From A Survivor Herself

All responses by victims of incest are valid. Fear, anger, and rage are often the most understandable, but victims often love their abusers, too. Read...
Contributed by Jody Allard | 05.28.15
Bare chest, not a penis

3 Pricks In 3 Minutes: The AshleyMadison Experiment

Ashley Madison does exist. And it does, in fact, serve, not only the regular old schmo, but additionally, the business traveler seeking engagement in Read...
by joni edelman | 05.28.15
Old guy, younger woman. Nonsense.

37 Is Too Old To Date, Says Hollywood

I just wonder. . . if my daughter came home one day and said she couldn’t have a job because she was too old, how would that be right? Read...
Contributed by Tamarah Rockwood | 05.28.15
Comedians Frangela Duo

Frangela's Idiot Of The Week: Woman Poops In Kmart 

A 49-year-old woman leaves behind a special present at a Racine, WI, Kmart store, her poop! She decided to drop her drawers on the store's floor (or Read...
Contributed by Ms. Fox | 05.28.15
Yoga Sinner

10 Surefire Ways To Sin During Yoga

According to a retired Catholic bishop in Nebraska (always a good source of thoughtful, practical life tips), practicing yoga is not just a great way Read...
Contributed by Winona Dimeo-Ediger | 05.28.15

Abstinence-Based Sex Ed Doesn’t Work: Duh

Teaching sex ed the right way doesn’t have to be weird or hard. Read...
Contributed by Melissa Petro | 05.27.15

Wedding Guest Etiquette: 10 Dos And Don'ts This Wedding Season

Don’t: Overindulge at the free bar. Open bars can be a recipe for disaster if abused. Read...
Contributed by Cynthia Lawrence | 05.27.15
People come in many shades

Earthtones: Proposing A New Way Of Seeing Race

Instead of categorizing people as different colors, I proposed we might begin to think of each other as Earthtones—because our skin colors are based Read...
Contributed by Catherine Gigante-Brown | 05.27.15
Ex Machina Promotional

The Castrating Power Of The Femme Fatale: Ex Machina

Their sexuality traps and destroys male innocence, as they grad hold, by the penis- the better to lead him to castration. Make no mistake that Read...
Contributed by Noah Berlatsky | 05.27.15