True compassion isn’t borne out pity, it’s borne out of a genuine desire to empower individuals, societies, to achieve their highest potential, their peace.

How To Survive This Election When You Disagree With People You Love

We are 17 days from the election. There is no amount of Facebook unfriending that is going to make you not related to your Fox-News-addicted Uncle Read...
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Love Or Hate Trump, One Thing's For Sure: With Trump TV, We All Got Played

Just in case you thought Trump would go away after the election (provided Secretary Clinton wins), allow me to help you prepare for what might be Read...
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Themes of positivity and self-worth will always be welcome under my roof.

She Is "Jazz" And My Daughter Thinks That's OK

This article first appeared on The Good Men Project Read...
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Politics is rational AND emotional. Accept it. (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Yourself This Election

If you find yourself feeling hurt, mad, sad, etc. about the election this year, go ahead and feel it. Cry in front of your dad. Eat some queso. When Read...
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Aunt Ginger: A Reminder To Unplug During The Election

This week Aunt Ginger reminds us that's it ok to unplug. Especially during this horrible election cycle.  Read...
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We need to make women of all faiths feel included. (Image:Thinkstock)

I'm A Non-Religious Woman, But I Respect Religious Women 

Though I was raised in an interdenominational household, my upbringing could at best be described as vaguely Christian. My sisters and I were taught Read...
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The Day My Son Punched Me In The Face

My parenting mantra is: "Do your best and hope he doesn't turn into a sociopath." And I guess that's really all we can do, because if we're honest Read...
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Sex + Love
A friendship is a relationship, a dialogue: it's a conversation that's always happening.

#MondaysWithMatt: A Friendship Is A Two-Way Street 

I know, it's Monday. BLECH. But, that also means it's time for #MondaysWithMatt. Today, Matt talks about navigating the fluctuations of friendship as Read...
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There's one thing I'd like to think I've picked up from my mom: the importance of kindness.

My Mom Had 8 Kids; These Are The Lessons She Taught Me

This article originally appeared on Mamamia and has been republished with Read...
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