Off The Cuff: Goth Style

Dear Winona, I love the goth look on other people, but my personal style is more frilly and girly. How can I incorporate a little bit of goth style Read...
Contributed by Winona Dimeo-Ediger | 05.22.15
5 Kids. FIVE.

5 Things Friday: 5 Kids Edition. A View Inside My Big Family — Not Duggar Big. But Big.

Oh HOLY NIGHT. Can you even imagine how much laundry five children and two adults (and three dogs and a cat) create? The answer is: No. You cannot. Read...
by joni edelman | 05.22.15

The Difference Between Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorders

The symptoms of borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder can often overlap. Understanding the difference is a first step in getting Read...
Contributed by Tamar Shtrambrand | 05.22.15

May Is Masturbation Month And I'm The 2%

You may have heard the old joke that 98% of people masturbate, and the other two percent are lying. Well, I guess that makes me a Read...
Contributed by Melissa Petro | 05.21.15

Katie Linendoll: ESPN Sports-Tech Expert, Producer, Host

Boldly breaking barriers since her college days. Read...
Contributed by Gerry Strauss | 05.22.15

Aya: Server, Yoga Instructor, Women's Circle Leader

Spotted: The Mission, SF Read...
Contributed by Erika Pino | 05.20.15
the beach!

Confession: Bio-Friendly Hotels are Hell!

I know it’s not a politically correct one, but I’ve got a confession to make: earth-friendly hotels stink. There, I said it. Read...
Contributed by Catherine Gigante-Brown | 05.21.15

A Tale of Ten Tummies: Stretchmarked, Saggy, Wrinkled, Toned, Taut

We spend a lot of time thinking about our bodies; our faces, our fat, our bellies. We wish they were tighter, flatter, firmer, anything-er. We love Read...
by joni edelman | 05.21.15

Domestic Violence: Not Just A Female Issue

This doesn't mean that the outcomes of domestic violence are always equal; men tend to be bigger and stronger than women, and therefore are more Read...
Contributed by Noah Berlatsky | 05.21.15

Losing My MDMA Virginity Was Better Than Losing My Actual Virginity

Both virginities were lost to friends and I wore needless belts on both occasions, but that's where the similarities ended. Read...
| 05.21.15
Jenni Berrett

One Week Of College And The Mental Break That Sent Me Home

"I had always pictured myself spending afternoons studying there. I instead found myself curled up on one of those benches at five in the morning, Read...
Contributed by Jenni Berrett | 05.20.15

WAIT? Being A Working Mom Might Help My Kids? Staying At Home Might ALSO Help My Kids?

Working as a stay-at-home mom benefits your kids. Working out of the home benefits your kids. In other words: you’re doing it right. Yes, you. All of Read...
Contributed by Amanda Jo Greep | 05.20.15

10 Reasons You're A S.L.O.T.: Single Life Over 30 

S.L.U.T. (single life under thirty) is officially over and you’re still banging your vibrator. Well, doesn't this suck? Who was prepared for your 30s Read...
Contributed by Ms. Fox | 05.20.15
Courtesy of, Wikimedia

Happy Birthday, Malcolm X—What Can We Learn From His Legacy? 

Malcolm X left this world with compassion, as well as a desire for equality and peace between folks of all ethnicities. Read...
by Giana Ciapponi | 05.19.15

5 Parenting Conversations I Am So Done With

"If I am holding an amber beer in my hand, I am not talking about naptimes. If I hear shop from your lips, I am ordering you three more martinis and Read...
Contributed by Tamarah Rockwood | 05.19.15

When Your Mother Is Your Abuser 

I spent seventeen years in an abusive relationship. Not only do I the physical scars to prove it, I carefully tote a heavy heap of emotional scars. Read...
Contributed by Anonymous | 05.19.15
all bodies are good bodies

All Bodies Are Good Bodies

"I have been able to be proud of my body so far because I sort of lucked out, falling in with the body type of wide social acceptance." Read...
Contributed by Mai Pham | 05.19.15

5 Things Every Germ-Conscious Woman Needs in Her Purse 

Unfortunately, public restroom soap is a bacterial nightmare. It’s so filthy, in fact, that a recent study found that a quarter of all public soap Read...
Contributed by Kelly Davio | 05.19.15
Clitoria ternatea

Ask Momma Bare: Why Do My Lady Parts Look Like They Are Falling Apart?

You can’t really change your vulva. It’s yours. However it looks is however it looks. Period. Read...
by joni edelman | 05.18.15