Are we just keeping an old flame in the platonic slot to act as a security blanket to come back to?

Can You Ever Be Friends With An Ex?

Once you’ve had an intimate relationship with someone, can you rewind and start again? Read...
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A girl is young, cute, flippant, naive, playful. A woman is grounded, mature, adult, capable.

What You're Really Doing When You Refer To Women As Girls

One slip up is all of our own doing, and has been called out by actress and neuroscientist, Mayim Bialik: Stop calling women ‘girls.' Read...
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Just because you fail once doesn’t mean that you’re destined to fail for the rest of your years.

Why You Need A F*#k It List And Not A Bucket List

It’s likely that you’re already familiar with the bucket list, but have you ever considered creating a f*#k it list? Read...
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You no longer have that sick anxious feeling you had being married to someone you couldn’t trust.

A Letter To The Person I Was 12 Months Ago  

Some days you will still struggle and you will fall but let me tell you this. Look up, see that — that’s the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s Read...
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As toddlers, they want their own way 100% of the time — that’s their primary objective in life.

Parenting Mistakes: Giving Kids Too Many Choices

For years my partner told me that I gave my kids too many choices. Read...
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We spend so much energy teaching our children, not realizing that they are the ones teaching us.

Four Ways To Be More Like A Four-Year-Old

Our children can teach us how to be happier, better people. Read...
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Vagina-bearers wrongly assume that orgasms are limited to the clitoris and G spot. But there are so, so, many more.

Excuse Me, But Women Can Have 12 Different Orgasms

We now know women can have 12 different types of orgasms. Read...
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Loving someone really isn’t a good enough reason to stay in a relationship you know isn’t working.

Loving Someone Isn't A Reason To Stay In A Dead End Relationship

How far should love go? Read...
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