If you refuse to accept “I can’t” and “It’s impossible” as answers when your children encounter problems, you’ll help them strengthen their critical thinking muscles.

Remove The Words 'Can't' And 'Impossible' From Your Parenting Vocabulary

Here's why eliminating those words will help them — and how to enforce more productive thinking habits. Read...
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Only very brave people have the courage to be vulnerable.

The Science Of Vulnerability: Why Crying In Front Of Your Partner Strengthens Your Bond

Pretending you don’t have feelings doesn’t pay off. Read...
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Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash

Living Together, Separately: On Not Sharing A Room With Your Partner

What if we’re simply doing monogamy wrong? Read...
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Find your common sleep ground, and your sex life and your relationship will benefit greatly.

Good In Bed, Better In Bed: 6 Ways Sleep Can Recharge Your Sex Life

Let's look at how your sleep habits can impact your sex life. Read...
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Have you stopped having sex, or are you worried that you’ve fallen out of love with each other?

Your Terrible Relationship Could Actually Kill You

Is it better to be alone than to be in a miserable relationship? Read...
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Visitation exchanges need not be police matters or events that create patterns of family dysfunction in the children we love.

What Should A Custody Exchange Look Like? 10 Ways To More Peace

What should a custody exchange look like and how do co-parents manage to keep them peaceful and productive? Read...
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I’m not looking to be a sexy mistress, an evil home-wrecker, or in-the-meantime entertainment.

Two Things To Remember If Your Date Turns Out To Be Married

I don’t even like sharing a bowl of popcorn; why would I want to share a person? Read...
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