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Heather Heyer's Mom Shares An Important Message That Leaves Us In Tears

There is no more devastating experience than the loss of a child.  Heather's mother, Susan Bro, now knows just what that feels like. Her 32-year-old Read...
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You, dear senators, have been busy trying to bring about the apocalypse, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for self-care. That’s why it’s imperative that these next four weeks be about one thing and one thing only: your self-care. Here are a few ideas to get you started

Self-Care Tips For GOP Senators

You, dear senators, have been busy trying to bring about the apocalypse, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for self-care. Read...
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Dickens was shocked to receive a letter back stating that, because of her weight as reported on the form, her child was required to schedule a follow-up visit with her pediatrician and provide documentation of it to the school.

Back-To-School Body Shaming

How are kids going to have any chance to develop a lifelong love of movement when we teach them that exercise is either punishment for having a body Read...
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Each of us needs to find a pair of wings and be ready to put them on when these hate-mongers show up in our towns. We can stand and block their message from spreading. (Image Credit: Instagram/dohosterman)

Charlottesville Horror Is A Reminder: America's Racist Past Never Left

We already know that white supremacists made their appearance by torchlight, guns in plain sight, so we would all see, unmistakably, that racist Read...
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Will My Interracial Relationship Survive Charlottesville?

I’ll still hold your hand in public even if bigots stare us down. Read...
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In a few weeks, I'll be sending my second kid off to school full-time. It's a moment I know I should feel sad about, and believe me, sometimes I do, but mostly I feel guilty because I don't.

I Feel Guilty About Sending My Kids To School

Back when I had my first child, back when he was still a baby, I imagined us moving to the mountains. I was thinking about having three more kids, Read...
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Trump, Paul Manafort & The Guy Who Tried To Grab Taylor Swift Are Having A Bad Week

Probably the person having the worst week in the U.S. is the guy who tried to grab a handful of Taylor Swift. Read...
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Sinead O'Connor Talking About Mental Illness And Suicide Hit Me Hard This Morning

Content notice: mental illness, suicide I was in high school when Sinead O'Connor started her rise to fame with her first album, The Read...
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