Example A: So while I would love to help bring my unique voice to your publication, unless you decide to start paying in actual real-world money, I will have to instead offer you a sincere f*ck no.

How To Craft A Tactful 'F*ck No'

You are a professional. You want to handle your business with a certain air of sophistication. You want to tell them "f*ck no," but want to do so Read...
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Rumors around Capitol Hill at the end of last week suggest that the Republicans are close to being finished with their AHCA bill, and they also think they’re close to having enough votes to pass it. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Senate Republicans Are Planning Their AHCA Legislation In Stealth Mode

There is a working group of 14 Republican men and one Republican woman (the woman was added after the outcry about the original all-male revue-style Read...
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Maybe his face is birth control?

What Trump Has In Mind For Birth Control And Your Health

If you're considering an IUD, now is the time to get it. Read...
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Definitely use a back-up method of birth control until this problem gets worked out.

Pill Problems: Birth Control Recall Happening Now!

The FDA has announced that Mibelas 24 Fe pills, made by Lupin Pharmaceuticals, is under recall due to packaging errors that mixed up the active pills Read...
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Teen Vogue under the Conde Nast banner is exploiting writers so notoriously and repeatedly that it seems like nothing short of collusion.

Conde Nast's Exploitation Of Writers Of Color Is Inexcusable

The hashtag #CondeNasty was aptly started by Roslyn Talusan to vocalize the injustices suffered by writers of color at the hands of Condé Nast. These Read...
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For the past five years, “Humanit-HAIR-ian” Mark Bustos has been giving free haircuts to homeless people in NYC. PhotoCredit: @MarkBustos Instagram

Lovers & Fighters In America: Mark Bustos Gives Free Haircuts To The Homeless In NYC

Bustos first got the notion to offer haircuts to those in need in May of 2012 during a trip to his family’s home country, the Philippines. He was Read...
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These Harvard kids are the children of entitlement and their parents are just as culpable for those memes as they are.

Harvard Rejects 10 Incoming Freshmen For Disgusting 'Dark Memes' & Holy Hell Where Are These Kids' Parents?

At least ten students from the incoming class of Harvard freshmen have had their offers rescinded for posting "dark humor" memes. These memes aren't Read...
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The young women invented the Smart Straw, a drinking straw that detects the presence of drugs in either alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

The 'Smart Straw' Can Detect Date-Rape Drugs In Real Time

Three young women in Florida have created a tool for detecting drugs in liquids — the Smart Straw — and they are winning well-deserved attention and Read...
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