L’Oreal, however, was not on Bergdorf's side, and fired her from a campaign that was supposed to celebrate diversity. (Image Credit: Instagram/munroebergdorf)

L'Oreal, Munroe Bergdorf & The Problematic Relationship Between The Beauty Industry & 'Diversity'

Companies — like, say, L'Oreal — wouldn’t just use the broad, vague, abstract concept of diversity (by hiring Munroe Bergdorf) to lure in customers Read...
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Here’s what I suggest we all do: find a house of worship that is prepared to act as a physical sanctuary and reach out to them.

Want To Help Dreamers Hurt By Trump's DACA Repeal? Find A House Of Worship

There’s a long history of law enforcement honoring the sanctity of a house of worship and refusing to conduct raids on them, no matter who is inside Read...
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image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp @mightymooseart

This Woman Got Stuck In A Window Trying To Rescue Wayward Poop

The woman freed the poop, and firefighters were able to free the woman. No word yet on the retrieval of her dignity. Read...
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Liar liar college education on fire.

College Educated? You Might Be More Likely To Cheat.

Today in News You Really Cannot Use: Folks with a college education are more likely to have an affair.  At least according to AshleyMadison, the Read...
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Joss Whedon's Infidelity Is Absolutely A Feminist Issue

Yes, cheating is a feminist issue, regardless of the gender identities of those involved. Because at its heart, it’s about consent. Read...
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“We’ve seen these [llamas] successfully used in the Scottish Highlands keeping off foxes, and in an American study they reduced sheep kills from dogs and coyotes by 66 per cent; half of those farms saw predation stop entirely.”

Of Lynx & Llamas: Great Britain May Bring Back The Wild Cat If Llamas Cooperate

Would a llama really take out a lynx? The Lynx Trust says yes, but sheep farmers remain unconvinced. While no ruling has been made on lynx or llama Read...
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Screenshot taken from YouTube

9 Feel-Good Hurricane Harvey Videos Amidst All The Awful

When tragedy strikes, you can always count on people to be there for other people (and animals). That's what is great about most people. Underneath Read...
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