If Kid Rock and Caitlyn Jenner really do make a play for these Senate seats, I want to see activists asking them hard questions.

Kid Rock & Caitlyn Jenner: Celebs Want To Join Republicans' 'Big Tent' Party

Musician Kid Rock has announced that he intends to run for the Senate as a Republican in Michigan. Athlete and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner has Read...
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image credit Fox News 9 via YouTube

Mom Sells Stillborn Son's Crib At Yardsale & Gets An Incredible Gift In Return

There is no pain like sitting in a completely nursery waiting for a new baby that will never come home. Read...
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image credit my kids and Irina Shayk's instagram

What Is A Post-Baby Body, Anyway?

Not "How does she look like that four months after having a baby?" More like "HOW DOES SHE LOOK LIKE THAT AT ALL?" Read...
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This show didn’t just do irreparable harm to its contestants, but also to the viewers of all sizes who tuned in every week to see supposed healthcare professionals model the idea that fat people need to be screamed at.

The Biggest Loser Might Be Cancelled And This Is Why That's Great News

NBC's The Biggest Loser might be cancelled after allegations of abuse and fat-shaming. Here's why it would be a GOOD thing if the show never aired Read...
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The question I was being asked most in the e-mails flooding my inbox was, “Why in the world would a fast metabolism have anything to do with an editing gig?”

Slate’s Hiring Policy: No Fat Chicks?

Slate's new job posting for Political Editor requires candidates with a fast metabolism. This is why that phrasing is fat-shaming and discriminatory. Read...
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The words "lady" and "gentleman" don't quite cover all the kinds of humans there are in the world. Trans, genderqueer, or non-binary people don't necessarily consider themselves ladies or gentlemen. (Image Credit: Instagram/@pics_pix)

London Tube Features New, Inclusive Greeting. No More 'Ladies & Gentlemen'

LGBTQ activists and the mayor of London have come up with a new, polite, inclusive opening for Tube announcements. Employees will now say “Hello Read...
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Chris Pratt lookalike?

Love Justin Bieber? New Dating App Lets You Search For Celebrity Lookalike

New dating app Badoo allows you to choose your next date based on whether they look like the celebrity of your choosing. Here's why that's a problem! Read...
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Given their unfair and potentially exploitative access to the personal life details of millions of voters, in an ideal world, social media tycoons wouldn’t run at all. (Image Credit: Instagram/@zuck)

Is The Next President Coming Out Of Silicon Valley?

Americans deserve to vote without being unwittingly “nudged,” “tweaked,” or otherwise manipulated by those with the most power and most incentive to Read...
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