This squirrel survived an alligator encounter, so there's hope everyone. (Image Credit: By - via Wikimedia Commons)

Squirrel Survives Alligator Encounter & There's Hope For Us All

We have a President musing about why the Civil War started, considering meetings with murderous despots, and preparing to sign anti-LGBTQ orders. How Read...
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This is a stomach-balloon zone.

Want To Lose Weight? Swallow A Balloon!

You know why it’s the FIRST and ONLY swallowable, FDA-approved balloon system for weight loss? Because that is INSANE. Read...
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Clinton still thinks she's not really the reason she lost. Blame goes to Russia, James Comey, and misogyny in general. But is that fair? (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Hillary Clinton Blames James Comey, Russia, Misogyny - But What About Herself?

What would behoove Dems is to stop casting about for a reason Clinton lost, and look at the candidate. She lost to the least liked candidate in Read...
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Kimmel shared the story of how an extraordinary medical team save his baby son Billy's life, and how that relates to the vital importance of keeping the ACA. (Image Credit: Flickr/Disney World Group)

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Emotional About His Infant Son Billy's Survival & 'Preexisting Conditions'

One quick phone call to your representatives in Congress to tell them to preserve access to health care under the ACA will make a difference for Read...
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Donald Trump thought BEING PRESIDENT would be EASIER than his regular life. Oh America, what have we wrought? (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

#RavsRadar: Donald Trump - The Man Who Thought Being POTUS Would Be 'Easier' Than Regular Life. LOLSOB

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush and so many other candidates were imperfect and problematic in their own ways, but they were also Read...
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There's so much more power in laughter than we realize.

I Have One Thing In Common With Donald Trump (And It Is NOT Funny!)

Critique devastates me. I never want to do anything wrong. When I believe I have done something wrong, I tend to avoid the situation or people Read...
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Roseanne Returns To TV; Dan Assumes Title As Best TV Dad

If there are any of you who liked the finale of Roseanne, raise your ridiculous hand. Because everyone knows that sh*t SUCKED. Read...
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Image via Twitter/ @girlswithtoys

Congratulations, Shea Moisture! You Played Yourself 

This week, a commercial produced by the hair-care brand Shea Moisture went viral for all the wrong reasons. Read...
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