Fearless Girl was met with cheers and open arms. Pissing Pug incited cries of “male fragility!” and “misogyny!” and “revenge!” as though the Pug were a successful rebuke of feminism or women as a whole. Pissing Pug is not that.

Feminists Got The Pissing Pug Wrong

The rejection of Pissing Pug betrays a lack of critical thinking and an oversimplified understanding of these artworks individually and as a whole. Read...
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What is even HAPPENING here? (image credit: Justin Bieber via Instagram)

Justin Bieber Posts Like 25 Instagram Photos In One Hour (Ain't No One Mad, But Maybe Confused?)

Mostly at this point I'm just wondering if Justin has lost his damn mind. Read...
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"We can all do our part for a healthier planet, even if we just start with planting a single seed."

If Trump Won't Help The Environment, You Still Can!

Trump has led us away from the rest of the developed world on climate progress, but there are things we can all do as individuals to reduce our Read...
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Another day, another attempt by the Trump team to strip health benefits from Obamacare.

Trump Reportedly Wants To Insulate Business & Insurance Companies From Covering 'Essential Health Benefits'

The Trump administration wants to broaden the Essential Health Benefits exemptions even further. According to documents that Vox got a hold of, the Read...
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#Covfefe might have been an act of seeming idiocy done on purpose.

Covfefe: A Nonsense Word That Reveals How Trump Plays The Media (And The People)

The point of the "covfefe" explosion is that if the media doesn’t stop flying off the wall every time Trump does or says something ludicrous, then we Read...
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No more tampon tax in Florida? Way to go Sunshine State!

Looks Like Florida Decided Tampons Weren't A 'Luxury' After All!

The governor of Florida just signed a package of tax cuts into law, and one of the changes to the state tax code is eliminating sales taxes on Read...
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Parents need to take extra precautions to make sure kids are safe if guns are in the house.

Talking With Kids About Gun Safety Can Save Lives

You should teach your kids what to do if they encounter a gun, but we as adults should do what we can to prevent that from happening in the first Read...
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Check out Graco's website to find out how to check your model number, and whether your car seat is affected by the recall.

Car Seat Recall Alert! Graco Is Recalling 25,000 Car Seats

Graco has issued a recall on 25,000 car seats, saying they cannot adequately restrain a child in the event of a crash. Read...
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