Hurricane Harvey is a catastrophic situation. Houston needs our help.

Houston Needs Your Help - Here's How You Can Give It

If you answered can, please go to Houston. People need your help. Hurricane Harvey is a catastrophic situation. Read...
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Even if moving to business models that include clothes for people of all sizes might take a while, the issues with models could be solved immediately. (Image Credit: Instagram/forever21)

Forever 21 & The 'All Shapes And Sizes' Lie

So this new line by Forever 21 goes up to “3X” which they’ve defined as a size 18. Forever 21 may be better than some in terms of carrying larger Read...
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This is a woman who knows a LOT about injustice around the world and she has done a lot to right some major wrongs. (Image Credit: Instagram/amalclooney)

Amal Clooney: Human Rights Super Hero

In the wake of Charlottesville, the Clooney Foundation has pledged a million dollars to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Though details of the Read...
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This is about way more than the freedom to dress in comfortable clothing while at school. Let’s talk about some stats that this principal should know if she’s going to talk to adolescent girls about body size. (Image Credit: YouTube/SanVic)

When A Principal Publicly Fat Shames Female Students

We could risk the mental and physical health of all the girls in the school by using fat shaming to try to control the way that they dress, or we Read...
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So I guess what I’m doing here isn’t so much fessing up to not living my best life, but asking a question: Is it possible to be living your best life, even if you’re exhausted?

Dear Oprah: I Confess I Have Not Been 'Living My Best Life'

I suppose it seems that “my best life” is one where I have time and financial dollars to foster sick baby goats back to health, while also Read...
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Are you depressed?

Are You Depressed? Google May Help You Decide

Today in, You Can Ask Google Literally Anything: Am I Clinically Depressed? Google has partnered with  Read...
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It's not your body and you do not grab at someone. That's just perfect. PERFECT.

Sam Carter, You Made A Metal Fangirl Out Of Me

To see a performer — a male performer, at that — stand up and call out groping like that? I want to scream "F*CK YEAH!" and buy that guy a drink Read...
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image credit: Fox News 7. Arizona.

Send This Terminally Ill Teen A Card; Make His Birthday Wish Come True

Even as he is dying, Jacob is a better human than most people. Read...
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