A middle schooler's act of defiance has called into question the purpose of their dress code.

Lovers & Fighters In America: 6th Grader Molly Neuner Shares Why She Challenged Her School's Sexist Dress Code

The following day, instead of adhering to the dress code, Molly decided to take a stand against it. She wore another sleeveless top to school and Read...
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Hey, guess what - coffee in moderation is A-okay. Who knew?!!

#RavsRadar: Today, In News We Already Knew: Some Coffee = Not Bad For You

After much deliberation, the Food Police have determined that caffeine, in moderation, is still not bad for people. You are free to drink 400 mg of Read...
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It's Take Your Child To Work Day AKA EVERY DAY AT MY HOUSE

I work from home, so Take Your Child(ren) To Work Day is more like Do The Same Thing You Do EVERY MOTHER FRACKING DAY AND JUST TRY NOT TO STRANGLE Read...
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Queen Bey or Ivanka - who won the week in feminism? (Image Credit: By Rocbeyonce via Wikimedia Commons; Flickr/Rich Girard)

#RavsRadar: Ivanka Trump Or Beyoncé- Who Wins This Week At Feminism?

So, who is more actively feminist this week? Ivanka, who can’t articulate a White House policy for bettering the lives of women? Or Beyoncé, who is Read...
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New Pubic Hair Survey! Results? NOT Surprising

Today, in Surveys With Completely Unremarkable Results, Cosmo reports on pube hair preferences. Read...
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Image via Youtube (Fox News Insider)

The 'Complicated' Sexism Of Donald Trump

Nothing about his sexism is complicated. Right? According to election results, wrong. Read...
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The face I make when fairy tales suck.

Starbucks, Unicorns, & Broken Dreams 

We went out on Saturday as a family — a full day left with the infamous unicorn frappuccino still on the menu. The idea was to taste the fairy-tale Read...
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These would be perf at the water park. (Image Credit: Instagram/brooksybradshaw)

#RavsRadar: Show Off Your Sweaty Summer Bum In Topshop's All-Plastic Jeans!!

The MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans look exactly like the kind of clear plastic zipper bag a new comforter for your bed would come in, only Read...
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