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Teenage Girl Pimps Out Other Teenage Girls (You Won't Believe Where)

How is a teenage pimp made? Read...
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image credit: Mikli Feria Jorge (via Twitter)

Mom Gives Her Son RuPaul Drag-Style Makeup; People Act Like A**holes

Why does his makeup look better than mine EVER HAS IN MY LIFE? Read...
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By appealing to a particular brand of “true Texan,”certain Republicans managed to move the party from its business-oriented, pragmatic red-state vibe to a social cause-focused, fundamentalist new version of itself.

Is America's Future Really Texas?

Wright’s argument is that the way super conservative Texas Republicans have taken control of the political agenda could replicate itself on the Read...
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image credit: Natalie Hage vis Instagram

Plus-Size Model And Badass, Natalie Hage, Shuts A Fat-Shamer DOWN

I can't make you stop texting, but I CAN call you out. Read...
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Having Your "Pre-Baby Body" Doesn't Mean Sh*t

There is nothing ever good that can come from comparing women to each other. Read...
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I’m thrilled to see that the states are ready to stand up for our voting rights at this crossroads of history.

States' Response To Trump's Voter Fraud Commission Requests? "Nah, Bro."

One by one, states have issued responses to Trump's voter fraud commission that range from very polite citations of the laws preventing them from Read...
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Signs You Might Be An Entitled Millennial Who's Ruining Everything

Basically, if you took a map of the world and put red pushpins wherever something terrible was happening, you’d find a millennial directly in the Read...
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Now, I’m seeing reports that people are getting plastic surgery on their nipples. We’re beyond the traditional boob job and into the world of fine tuning our nipples. (Image Credit: Instagram/bellahadid)

Nipple Surgery: Brought To You By Sheer Tops & Celebs Who Love To Wear Them

Apparently, the trend of very sheer tops that allow the nipple to make its presence known is the inspiration for this new twist on cosmetic surgery. Read...
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