Rafael voted for Trump, and he still supports the man. It's a testament to my isolated bubble that I had no idea how to respond. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

A Trump Voter At My Kitchen Table

The topic of Trump came up, and Rafael was immediately and vocally enthusiastic. But when he asked me why I didn’t like Trump, the collective weight Read...
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Where Are All The Fat Women In The Handmaid’s Tale?

Given that the only requirement to be forced into handmaiden-hood is fertility, I find it quite strange that I have seen not one handmaid who looks Read...
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"Right now, I’m simply heartbroken for the the dead and injured, for their families, for the people of Manchester, and for the performers and technicians creating the music last night." (Image Credit: Instagram/manchestertribute)

A Parent's Response To Manchester Attack

I've spent most of today trying not to confront the news that a terrorist instigated an explosion outside a London concert by Ariana Grande last Read...
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"It's really the holy grail of bioengineering for regenerative medicine."

3D Printing Just Made A Functioning Mouse Ovary

Once the tiny 3D printed ovary was built, scientists were able to put living tissue harvested from mice into it — specifically, the follicles holding Read...
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This very callout culture so enamored with gaslighting routinely and systematically gaslights anyone with so much as a single chubby toe out of line with their personal politics. (Image credit: Ashley_Nell_Tipton via Instagram)

Ashley Nell Tipton Deserves The Right To Autonomy

Fat activism is one of the few branches of social justice in which fellow activists seem to feel entitled to comment, degrade, harass, and otherwise Read...
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Cicadas hatched four years early. Are we entering the apocalypse?! (Image credit: By Bundschuh via Wikimedia Commons)

Unexpected Early Waking Cicadas From The Dreaded 'Brood X' Invading Already

The good news for those of us in the cicada zones: they’ll only be around for a couple more weeks. Cicadas are dramatic additions to any ecosystem, Read...
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This case is the perfect example of the dangerous sense of entitlement men often feel towards women.

Man Sues Date For Texting (And 5 More Examples Of Toxic Masculinity In Dating Culture) 

While some outlets are going so far as to call this man a “hero,” this case is the perfect example of the dangerous sense of entitlement men often Read...
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“Having just one friend to support you through the hardships of your life can really make a difference. I created Buddy Project to show that to the world.” — Gabby Frost, Buddy Project Founder & CEO

Lovers & Fighters In America: The Buddy Project Brings Hope & Healing To Teens Struggling With Mental Health

‘The Lovers & Fighters of America’ is a weekly column here at Ravishly featuring Read...
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