So, the part I don’t understand: Why does it take a celebrity to draw attention to being a widow or widower? (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons)

Patton Oswalt's Engagement: What Should Grief Look Like? (And Who Are We To Decide?)

The rancor over Patton Oswalt’s engagement fifteen months after his wife’s death drives home the fact that only the grieving can decide how to grieve Read...
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Don Jr. admitted the meeting happened. He admitted the other two Trump consiglieres were present. He admitted that the lawyer had suggested she had dirt, but really she didn’t. (Image Credit: Instagram/@donaldtrumpjr)

Did Donald Trump Jr. Just Incriminate Himself Blatantly On The Russian Scandal?

The Russian meddling, the Kremlin favoring his father, the offer to provide information with material value to the Trump campaign. Did Donald Trump Read...
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image credit: The Heddings Family via Facebook

Two Years After Their Sons Die, Couple Welcomes Twin Sons (And Gives Them The Same Names)

s nothing worse than losing your babies, and nothing better than having them. Read...
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Bryan gets a hometown, and it's previewed he makes it all the way to the final two. This seems... questionable. (Image credit: Instagram/@bacheloretteabc)

Who Gets A Hometown Date? Bachelorette Rachel Risks Major Family Drama

The pressure is starting to build because this is the last week before “hometowns,” the notorious episode in which the bachelorette/bachelor goes Read...
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Image Credit: Pixabay

New Bill Forces Rape Victims To Ask Permission For Abortion

The new Arkansas Bill H.B. 1566 requires women to get permission from the biological father before getting an abortion. This includes incidents of Read...
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Kathy Lette and her son Julius

Here's What I Think About The Woman Who Almost Hired A Prostitute For Her Autistic Son 

There are neurotypical men who have just as much trouble finding relationships with women, men who want real love, and though I don't know for sure, Read...
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image credit: Tasha Maile via YouTube

Sex While Breastfeeding? What Say Ye?

This doesn't surprise me — people don't even like to talk about breastfeeding. Adding in sex? Forget it. Read...
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OHNO CHIP AND JO! (image credit: HGTV)

Fixer Upper House Demolished By A Drunk Driver. Bummer.

You know what's a really lousy way to wake up? Having a drunk driver plow into your Chip and Joanna $240K fixer upper. Read...
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