Sinking to new lows as POTUS. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Donald Trump's Speech To Joint Session Of Congress: A New Level Of Egomaniac Emerges, Hidden Under Rapturous Applause

This is the first time I’ve seen a sitting president “spin” a clear military defeat to save his own ego, and use a bereft and heartbroken wife in Read...
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Betsy DeVos does not understand black history when it comes to higher education. At all. (

#RavsRadar: Betsy DeVos, Please Learn The Actual History About HBCUs

Pop quiz time! What was the impetus for the founding of historically black universities and colleges (HBUCs)? I’ll give you a hint. Read...
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Most sexually explicit episode of The Bachelor... ever? (Image Credit: Instagram/nickviall)

Bachelor Review: #GDFR - Raven, Andi Get Explicit About Getting Down + Possible Sexpocalypse Ahead

This teensy little Bachelor episode is only an hour long, but it's one enormous, platinum vagine tease from start to finish.  We begin where it all Read...
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This is the time to fight, to hold the line, to preserve our humanity and protect our bodies — all of our bodies. (Image: Flickr/ mumography)

Having A Body In Donald’s America 

It’s a dangerous and challenging time for many of us to have a body in the United States. There are things we can do to not only love our bodies but Read...
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Image via YouTube.

“Get Out”: A Film In Black And White 

Even if you think you're prepared for what to expect from Get Out, you're not. Read...
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One of last night's top looks. (image via Instagram/ moda_police)

The 6 Best Red Carpet Trends Seen At The 2017 Oscars 

Jagger Blaec gives us our her favorite looks from last night's red carpet at the 2017 Oscars. Read...
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It's probably not terribly surprising that W. is willing to question Trump. (Image Credit: Instagram/georgewbush)

#RavsRadar: Sounds Like George W. Bush Is In Favor Of Investigating Trump On Russian Ties

As the weeks of the Trump administration march awkwardly on, the question of Read...
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Trying to pee whilst standing in a puddle of another dude's pee. (Image Credit: Unsplash/Aaron Barnaby)

23 Really Important Questions I Have For The Guy Who Used The Airplane Bathroom Right Before Me

Here's what I want to ask the guy who used this airplane bathroom right before me: 1. Dude, seriously? 2. Like, I know the flight was kinda bumpy, Read...
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