Bill Clinton's fictional collaboration with James Patterson will be a thriller on a missing president. If only.

Bill Clinton Is Writing A Fictional Thriller About A Missing President. Sounds Like A Dream Come True!

"The President Is Missing" will be a first foray into fiction by the former POTUS, who has previously written a lengthy memoir and books on policy. Read...
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Matcha is all the rage, and for good reason - it packs a healthy, energy-fused punch.

Should I Be Paying Attention To Matcha?

Yes, you should be paying attention to matcha. Though it’s been around for hundreds of years, people on this side of the world are just starting to Read...
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Paul Ryan & House representatives passed the AHcA, a "moral monstrosity" in the words of Nancy Pelosi. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

How & Why To Fight The Health Care Bill Republicans Just Passed

Paul Ryan and 216 other Republican representatives (but no Democrats, FYI) voted to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which is an attempt to Read...
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Infinity Bangle by Spring Grass Jewelry

Ethically Sourced Gifts Mom Will Love

We’ve made it incredibly easy for you to make ethical, informed purchases with this wonderful Mother’s Day gift guide. Read...
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Black Excellence Evolving: 9 Black Millennials Who Are Ready For Higher Education

These proud black millennials have discovered how to celebrate their excellence by infusing pride and culture into their academic achievements. Read...
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Private, unsearchable Facebook groups provide women all over the world with networking and friendship opportunities that never existed before.

Secret Women-Only Facebook Groups Are Revolutionizing Feminism

Every day, thousands of women around the world are joining secret Facebook groups where they crowdsource their questions about careers, sex, money Read...
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Tips for showing all that teacher appreciation.

National Teacher Appreciation Week: Go Forth & Appreciate A Teacher!

Teachers deserve our appreciation for the work they do all day long. If you’re looking for ways to show teachers how much they mean to you here are a Read...
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Donald Trump's first 100 days were not great for women's rights. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

What 100 Days Of Trump Has Meant For Women

The Trump administration seems determined to turn America back to the days of the 1950s. Unequal pay, gender-rating in insurance plans, less access Read...
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