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Snow White And The Fat Calves

Just when I think we've made a little headway, some asshole reminds me that yes, people still think fat people are gross. Read...
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When Comey answers questions on the Senate floor, the revelations could be as oh-no-he-didn't scandalous as anything the regular soap lineup has on offer.

The Old & The Feckless: Why James Comey’s Senate Testimony Will Play Like A Daytime Soap

Trump can't barge onto the Senate floor and order everyone out. He can't shove aside or slap James Comey around. This is a venue in which Trump has Read...
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#HalalPaint allows Muslim women to lacquer up without worrying that their polish conflicts with wudhu guidelines. (Image Credit: Instagram/boshemian_girl)

New Wudhu-Friendly Line Of Nail Polish For Muslim Women - #HalalPaint

Nail polish maker Orly has teamed up with Muslim Girl, a great lifestyle and current affairs website started by a young Muslim woman, to develop a Read...
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Bachelorette Rachel says goodbye to DeMario, hello to shirtless dancing on daytime TV & mud pit wrestling, and farewell to Fred.

Bachelorette Review: Magic Mike & Makeouts

I can't help but wonder if ABC is playing into these concepts of respectability. A lighter-complexioned Anthony with a suit and bald head waxes on Read...
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"Obviously, the most important part of this story is the visual of goats in trees." (Image Credit: YouTube/Gnxtgroup)

Tree-Climbing Goats In Morocco Help Bring You Argan Oil

It’s true. There are goats in Morocco who climb argan trees, eat their fruit, and then expel the seeds so that new argan trees can grow. Read...
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Generations, Disabled AND IN POVERTY: A Response To The Washington Post

Disabled people are being killed slowly by a system that does not value us and we live in fear of things becoming even worse under Trump. Read...
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My Bullet Journal Just Stresses Me Out

In theory, I love this whole thing... In reality? I SUCK AT IT. Read...
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Gun violence is a problem. Here are a few ways to become part of the solution.

Gun Violence Awareness Day: America's Gun Violence Problem Demands A Better Answer

It's Gun Violence Awareness Day, and it's time for everyone to take action on this critical issue. Here are just a few ways to work towards Read...
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