Jon Ossoff is trying to #flipthe6th by winning as a Democrat. Celebs can help by shutting up. (Image Credit: Instagram/jonosstoff)

If Hollywood Really Wants To Help Jon Ossoff, They Should Be Quiet Now

Democrats and Hollywood. Hollywood and Democrats. The two have shared a locked embrace for decades, fawning with delight and admiration, one over the Read...
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Get outta town and into some the wild, the weird, and the downright nasty with these off-the-grid weekend getaways. (Image Credit: Instagram/campwandawega)

8 Weekend Getaway Ideas You Haven't Done Before

It’s no secret that time away from the office needs to be savored as much as humanly possible. Spending the weekend with your people restores your Read...
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Little lies or big ones, knowing when to tell the whole truth and when to hold back can be hard with kids. (Image Credit: Instagram/nbcthisisus)

What 'This Is Us' Has Taught Me About Lying To My Kids

** If you haven’t yet watched this series, the below article includes some spoilers. ** By now, NBC’s Read...
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6 Reasons Why Our Kids Shouldn’t Be Watching 13 Reasons Why

Heavy things, especially those involving teenagers, ought to be discussed around the table or on the sofa. Read...
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We need to support the stories of women now more than ever.

Isn’t It Time We Believed The Stories Of Women?

Now, more than ever, we need to believe women — and listen to their allegations. Read...
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April, the mama giraffe, gave birth with a million people watching live. (Image Credit: Instagram/animaladventurepark)

#RavsRadar: Baby Giraffe Finally Born & You Can Vote For His Name!

So, I got up on Saturday morning, got myself a cup of coffee, opened Facebook and was almost immediately rewarded with a live image of a giraffe in Read...
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Oh early risers! Do you know something the rest of us don't?

Does Waking Up Early Really Do Anything?

You may have seen a snarky high school friend post countless articles about habits of insanely successful people, and early rising always seems to Read...
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