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You’re Not Too Much, He’s Just Not Enough

My whole life, people have been telling me I’m “too much." It's BS.

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This Mother's Day Let's Stop Treating Emotional Labor Like Extra-Credit Work For Men 

...[M]en get a lot of praise for the “extra-credit work” they do in regards to domestic labor (the actual house cleaning and keeping work) and emotional labor (the invisible work that ensures the rest gets done) no matter what day of the year.

Maybe you’ve noticed your partner feeling and acting stressed out. In a relationship, people often have different sensitivity levels to stress.

Is Your Partner Stressed Out?

This article first appeared on The Good Men Project and has

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Take The Cake: Stop Shaming Indirect Communication

I’ve been ashamed of my indirect communication style for a really long time. Recently I realized that I was done feeling shame for the way I navigate.

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Stick It To The Homophobes: Why My Lesbian Wedding Will Be Unapologetically Over-The-Top

I suddenly understood why I felt this intense pressure to make my lesbian wedding so wildly spectacular — to stick to the homophobes.

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Ask Erin: My Ex-Girlfriend Is Giving Me Mixed Signals 

She told me that her feelings are gone and never coming back. Until the day when she moved out, and now my girlfriend is giving me mixed signals. Help!

When I told my friends, family, and therapist we were back together, they were worried.

Put It In Writing: Using A Contract To Heal My Relationship

When I told my friends, family, and therapist we were back together, they were worried. That’s when we had the idea to write up a contract.

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Love, Alexi: How To Start A New Relationship Without Totally Freaking Out

The following is a list — a gentle reminder, for anyone who has ever had a hard time trusting in a new relationship, and allowing someone to love them.