Tracey is allowed the space to make dumb mistakes. (Image: YouTube/ E4)

"Chewing Gum" Matters, And Here's Why

From the stunningly brilliant mind of Michaela Coel, Chewing Gum follows the cringe-worthy hijinks of Tracey — a spirited, sheltered young woman Read...
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A new friend for a new generation of kids. (Image Credit: Instagram/@sesamestreet)

World, Meet Julia: Sesame Street Introduces New Character With Autism

Over the years, Sesame Street has been a pioneer in holding up a mirror to the lived experiences of children and giving them a friendly Read...
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Image via YouTube (HBO)

Can Leaving Me Out Of "Girls" Be A Good Thing? 

Over the years, Girls has been both praised and skewered for its niche portrayal of urban twenty-something life. I binged all the episodes last week Read...
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Every child deserves to know they can be a hero no matter what they look like, because they can be.

On The Importance Of Representation

Representation is one of those persistent issues that will always be argued about. However for people of color, queer people, and those who live Read...
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Films That Totally Fail The Sexy Lamp Test

I don’t think the bar is low enough. We obviously need a way to work up to the Bechdel Test. Baby steps. And we all know women love babies. Read...
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"Hottest Women In Politics" Story Is Everything Wrong With America 

Our weekly round-up of female politicians in the news . . . the good, the bad, and the ugly. Read...
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This is how Hollywood's treatment of minorities and women makes us feel (Credit: ThinkStock)

3 Ways Hollywood is Failing Minorities, Women and the LGBTQ Community

You know it's bad when mutant nina turtles get better treatment on screen than some humans in this country. What gives? Read...
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Watch and Learn: Do You Know the Full American Empire?

The U.S. has territorial claims up the wazoo, not to mention some little-known citizen-swapping schemes with other countries. Read...
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