You no longer have that sick anxious feeling you had being married to someone you couldn’t trust.

A Letter To The Person I Was 12 Months Ago  

Some days you will still struggle and you will fall but let me tell you this. Look up, see that — that’s the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s Read...
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Watching my friends become single was heart-wrenching.

Another One Bites The Dust: Surviving My Friends' Divorces

It may be their lives, but it's affecting my marriage — for better and worse. Read...
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Making space for a child to love a former partner who seems bent on destroying you is a Herculean task.

How To Handle A Low Down Dirty, Trash Talking Ex

Parents on the receiving end of a high-conflict, trash talking ex have an incredibly difficult job. Making space for a child to love a former partner Read...
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Anger and blame aren’t helping you in any way, shape or form.

Reasons Some Women Hang Onto Blame And Anger After A Divorce

Sometimes a woman gets stuck in blame and anger after divorce because it’s far too painful to look at themselves and the role they played in the end Read...
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Once you've finished untangling your finances from your former partner's, it's time to develop a long-term plan.

6 Steps To Getting Back On Track Financially After Divorce 

f you're going through or have recently finalized a divorce, here's what you need to know to make sure you land on your feet. Read...
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Taking that leap of faith has shown me that I am not only a survivor but a warrior.

6 Things I Learned About Myself In My First Year Post Divorce

After my divorce, I learned so much about myself and you will too. Read...
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Divorce causes enough chaos, but don’t let it permanently damage your child.

The Absent Parent: A Parent-Shaped Hole In A Child's Heart

What is it like to grow up with an absent parent? Read...
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Own those mistakes. Make them work for you now.

There Are Many Reasons I'm Proud To Be Divorced

I’m proud to be divorced, and this is why. Read...
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