Illustration by Walter Crane (1847)

Beauty & The Beast Actually Isn't About Inner Beauty At All

When my husband suggested we see the 2017 remake of Beauty and The Beast, I told him we couldn't watch it because I'd be looking at it through Read...
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Make that Netflix bingefest even better. (Image Credit: Instagram/Netflix)

You’ll Never Go Back To Default: 5 Mind-Blowing Ways To Customize Netflix

Fully embrace your Netflix addiction, impress your AV Club-loving friends and get the most out of your account with these Netflix hacks that are Read...
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I'm Not Giving Up On My Dreams, And Neither Should You

I did not leave that theater the same way I arrived. It was then, as I walked back to my building and looked up at the night sky, that I knew. I Read...
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TV Should Be Guilt-Free: Tips For The Ultimate Netflix & Chill Weekends

Some weeks are longer than others. And those kind of ridiculously challenging weeks require extra recuperation time over the weekend in order to Read...
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I take this journey of self-love and discovery one day at a time. Image: Thinkstock.

On Navigating My Attraction To Whiteness As A Black Woman

Honoring my feelings and being true to myself are just as important to me as being critical of the ways that a multiply-oppressive society manifests Read...
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Matt Joseph Diaz

#MondayMotivation With Matt Joseph Diaz: Something Different — We're Talking Cartoons

Wonder what films you should be showing your kids? Here's a list! Read...
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I want to make the kids turn off their screens as I would in regular life back on the ground, but it seems like this is not the time to stick to rules or try for a parenting victory.

Screen Time Got My Family Through An 18-Hour Flight. I Regret Nothing.

Eighteen hours, even if prepared with reading and art material, snacks, and an upgrade to China Airline’s family couch seating, is still EIGHTEEN Read...
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Casting All Females!: Remake Of Ocean’s Eleven Follows Ghostbusters' Suit

Recently, it was announced that the Ocean’s Eleven remake will be ladies-only too. Could it be that we’ve embarked on an era in which women take Read...
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