In so many of the pictures where I’m happiest, I don’t look my best.

My Favorite Pictures Are The Ones Where I Look Like Crap

Even though I love how I look in those picture-perfect selfies, I love the less than flawless photos too, and I’m not going to stop sharing them. Read...
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Chances are, you actually DON'T know how to raise their kid better than they do.

Judge Other Mothers And The Universe WILL Slap You Right In Your Face

By the time he was two, I was ready to give him to my sister-in-law. Read...
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What I do know is that I have read a lot of stories about being a mom that do not fit my experience at all.

Why Would I Ever Want To Be A Mom? 

In praise of being a mom: it isn't all snot, spew, and self-loathing. Read...
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sad, blind dog

You Have A Partner, So Why Are You Still Doing So Much Of The Work?

This labor, the work of being a female, has been our work so long that no one really knows what a truly equally yoked household looks like. Read...
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Toddlers will challenge the high ideals of even the most committed of parents.

Parenting Ideals, Meet Toddler

Parenting my daughter through toddlerhood is sometimes amazingly rewarding. Her personality is emerging and I see the conversation and friendship Read...
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Just wait until you’re a parent — you'll have your own confession list, too.

7 Confessions I Will Make To My Family (Eventually)

I was a much better parent before any of my three kids were born. Sometime in the future, maybe when we ship the kids off to college, I will confess Read...
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What kind of a mother am I? How do people really see me?

What Kind Of Mother Am I?

The girls had their first night at dance class last week. Now, dance was not my first choice for my four-year-old, but the teen’s been dancing for Read...
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They are enough — even if they don't get the perfect attendance award, especially if they don't get the perfect attendance award.

The “Perfect Attendance” Award: Are We Promoting Suffer-Culture?

Suffering is America’s favorite thing to do. We starve ourselves to lose weight, and we’re a success story. We don’t sleep, and we’re just getting SO Read...
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