He does not deserve praise for loving me despite my fat.

My Husband Does Not Get An Award For Loving Me Despite My Fat

If your partner does not love you because you are fat, that has nothing to do with your fat and everything to do with them being an ass. Read...
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This Dog Trying To Share A Bone With His Reflection Is Just What The World Needs Right Now

This is 25 of the the most beautiful seconds I've seen all week. Read...
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Only very brave people have the courage to be vulnerable.

The Science Of Vulnerability: Why Crying In Front Of Your Partner Strengthens Your Bond

Pretending you don’t have feelings doesn’t pay off. Read...
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I thought we both knew he was our enemy, but in reality you both were mine.

Take The Cake: An Open Letter To The Woman Who Betrayed Me

I told you I never wanted to speak to him again. I offered that we work together to rid him from our lives. I thought we had both made the Read...
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It took quite a few years before a kiss felt worthy of movie magic for me and I am still waiting to be danced into bed. (Image Credit: Instagram/wolvicity)

The Movies Lied To Me

Every John Hughes movie seemed to feature a pair of diamond earrings being gifted to the heroine or shared with the bad boy, like Bender at the end Read...
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Rachel is wearing a gorgeous metallic gold ballroom gown with a slit down the thigh, but she’s questioning Bryan’s proposal. (Image Credit: Instagram/bach21squad)

The Bachelorette Finale: Rachel Was The Bachelorette We Didn't Deserve, And She Deserved So Much Better

Rachel admits that she cried her lashes off for Peter, yet less than 24 hours later, she is getting engaged to Bryan. Read...
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Up your followers past a certain number, and endorsement deals might suddenly seem a whole lot more lucrative than that old proletariat pastime of "love." (Image Credit: Instagram/@tristasutter)

I Miss When The Bachelor Franchise At Least Pretended To Take Itself Seriously

The blatant promise of a career in the spotlight has stripped the Bachelor/Bachelorette of its beautiful, benign lie: that we could watch “regular” Read...
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