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Failure And Body Shame On A Guatemalan Volcano

My breathing hastened and my crying intensified. The elevation wasn’t doing me any favors. All I knew was that it was pitch black on a lava field in Read...
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If donuts are a true culinary gift, Gordough’s is culinary Christmas morning.

Intuitive Eating In Austin: Tacos And Donuts And More Donuts, Oh My

There is a version of me that would have shoved another taco down the hatch and spent the rest of the night feeling like my heart was on fire and Read...
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Beyond Before & After

Take The Cake: Secret Relationships With Fat Women

When we both moved to San Francisco in our 20s, she moved to a wealthy neighborhood and I moved into a neighborhood where old men had phone sex on Read...
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Finding My Rebel Catholicism In Mexico City

In my rebel Catholicism, and the Catholicism that I see so many other Latinx people practice, faith and cynicism are dancing partners that invent Read...
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I'm sorry for what I said when Mercury was in retrograde.

Mercury Is Here To Screw Things Up With Its Retrograde Bullcrap, AGAIN

Pretty much any and everything disastrous that happens to you between now and January 8, 2017 can and should be directly attributed to Mercury and Read...
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When you hold travel up on some kind of pedestal, you sound classist as hell. Image: Joshua Earle/Unsplash.

Your Obsession With Travel Sure Feels Classist To Me

I don’t get out much — and it’s not because I’m boring or don’t have a sense of adventure or don’t care about learning about the larger world: It’s Read...
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#JoniDoesBabecamp Day 5: Deep Ocean, Deep Thoughts, And Jube

As our lovely Editor-In-Chief jets off to a body positive retreat at #BabecampJamaica, we're following her along for a week of ocean air, radical Read...
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#JoniDoesBabecamp Day 4: How It Feels To Be Stung By A Jellyfish (Spoiler Alert: NOT GOOD)

Gather round, ladies and gentlemen, for the story of how a jellyfish stung me on my ass. It hurt. I got peed on. By several people, a few of them Read...
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