The patriarchy has devalued nearly everything associated with femininity and over-valued nearly everything associated with masculinity.

Why We Fear The Feminine… And How To Stop

I have a confession: Until recently, I didn’t even know what “patriarchal society” meant. Yeah, I’m one of those feminists who grew up believing I Read...
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“It feels uncomfortable writing about my child’s genitals. But I’m not sure how else to protect her.” Image: Pixabay.

Please Don’t Force My Transgender Daughter To Use The Men’s Bathroom

“My daughter is in kindergarten in the United States. She’s 6. She loves unicorns and mermaids and soccer. And I’m concerned about my community Read...
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March 8 is International Women's Day.

8 Badass Women To Remember On International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day, which means we get an entire day to celebrate the accomplishments of the millions of women in the world who have made Read...
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My pain is vaild.

My Pain Didn't Matter — Because I'm A Woman

There were pills for the pain, but there was nothing that could help me forget that my boyfriend didn’t truly care about me. I couldn’t swallow a Read...
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Image: WordsmithChristine.com

9 Obstacles That Moms In Freddie Gray's Neighborhood Face

I recently spent some time in Freddie Gray's West Baltimore neighborhood asking local women for their thoughts on police reform. I was curious Read...
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Victim-blaming is never OK — yet it’s a very serious, very real, very prevalent problem.

To The Therapist Who Thought It Was OK To Victim-Blame

As an adult, I’ve experienced more trauma than I ever knew possible. Between multiple sexual assaults, the unexpected death of my first child, the Read...
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The revitalizing spark of femininity I felt on our date showed me that I need to prioritize more empowering self-care into my life.

Deeper Than Date Night: A Queer Femme Mama On Identity Loss

I vividly recall standing in front of the bathroom mirror looking at myself as I’d done countless times as a childless person. As myself. As the Read...
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"I can't have his baby. I have to have an abortion."

This Is What It REALLY Feels Like To Have An Abortion

I didn't want to go through the experience of having an abortion. I didn't want to get pregnant in the first place. But I was grateful for the option Read...
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