Life as the Last Single Sister

Some people meet their true loves when they’re 12 and they’re together forever. For the rest of us, we have to wait until we’re forty-never to drag a fellow to the altar. There are positive and negatives to both routes in life, but it can be hard to be the token single sister of the family. How do you deal?

First of all, get over it. You’re not married. Boo-hoo. Unless you are a terrible person in general, your single status doesn’t reflect negatively on you. What you can do is learn from the wedding mistakes made by your siblings. It can be something as small as, “damn, I really didn’t like the DJ at the reception – I should hire a band when I get married.” Or, it can be something bigger, like how you choose your bridesmaids.

Even though your family dynamics will change, it can be for the better. You can start new traditions and form awesome bonds with your in-laws. Who knows – you may even get to know a different side of your family!

On the flipside, did it ever occur to you that your married siblings might feel envious of you? Whether or not you actually party ‘til dawn on a nightly basis or not, this is how married people perceive you. You’re basically living in an Avicii video. Let’s keep having them think that, shall we?


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