100-Year-Old BFFs Talk Twerking and Justin “Beaver” – World Rejoices

What do you do when you and your BFF celebrate your 94th friendsversary?

Go on The Steven Harvey Show and discuss all the new fangled trends, obviously.

Check out Irene and Alice and see for yourself why selfies confuse them (“I’ve had enough pictures taken of me, I don’t need to take them of myself!") and the problem with the new operating iPhone system. Nowadays, Irene and Alice are “so far away from the dance floor” that twerking is a confusing phenomenon too. 

Also baffling? Justin Bieber. We here ya sisters. Loud and clear.


Aren’t lifelong BFFs the best?! Here's hopin' these two will get on the selfie bandwagon ASAP – Instagram awaits!

Image: Youtube

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