44,000 Medical Articles Were Written on Diabetes and Obesity in 2013 and We're Still Diabetic and Obese

Over 44,000 scholarly articles on obesity and diabetes were penned in 2013, yet the number of people suffering from these and other weight-related illnesses continues to climb. What gives? 

Gary Taubes, co-founder of the Nutrition Science Initiative, suggests that because scientists have failed to isolate clear reasons for the "environmental triggers" of diabetes and obesity, there has been too wide a range of opinion to provide the public with clarity on how to best deal with these conditions. 

Until we have more answers, we recommend working with a doctor to develop an individualized weight loss plan (a great way to avoid diabetes and obesity) — and stick with it. Journaling, goal setting and self-motivation are all majorly helpful components to success, so get to it and make 2014 your year!

Image: Wikimedia

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