Russia's Gorgeous Gay Lil' Secret: All Hail Putin

We're all familiar with Russia's gay ban (hellllllo awkward Olympics). Just recently, they even eliminated the possibility of gay couples adopting children. Did it ever occur to you that they're anti-gay because a certain someone is so deep in the closet his rock-hard ass is in Narnia?

Enter Vladimir Putin.  Good grief – this man is a prancin' screamer from the back row. At least - that's what this delightful pic selection would have you believe!

Okay, okay, its' probably not true. But there's no harm in joking about it - right? Big Brother shouldn't be lurking around this time of day anyway. So go ahead and check out this gallery. Maybe it's 100% speculation, but who can deny the vaguely erotic amazingness of a shirtless Putin hunting? Or the sensuality of a solid wink? If that doesn't convince you, we have two words for you: bow tie.

Oh Putin. We'll be Putin on the Ritz for you all the way over here in America.


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