The End of an Era: “Got Milk?” is Now “Milk Life”

The Milk Processor Education Program recently announced that they are retiring the “Got Milk?” advertising campaign that’s been running for 20+ years. Keeping with the two word strategy, the new slogan is “Milk Life”—and the accompanying campaign will focus on milk’s healthy properties.

In case you need a refresher, the “Got Milk?” campaign featured numerous celebrities adorning supposed milk mustaches. It’s taken us from Jennifer Aniston and Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the 1990s, to Britney Spears and David Beckham in the 2000s, and rounded out with Rhianna and the Rock in recent years, among many, many others. The power of celebrity-branding is significant, but I bet all those endorsement fees were a bitch.

If you want a sneak peak at the new campaign, a TV commercial is in on Youtube for your viewing pleasure.

It features milk spewing off of people in various shapes to show how the lactosey substance fuels their activities. But it also looks kind of like sweat. Sweaty healthy milk. This consumer would like more of an emphasis on making milk look delicious and appealing, but the milk industry didn’t pay me big bucks to do market research, so what do I know?

And while the campaign is of interest to the public—since we’ll be forced to see it all the time—it’s more of concern to milk producers, not least of which because dairy farmers are legally required to contribute five cents for every 100 gallons produced to national dairy promotion. Got money? (Image:

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