New Dating Site is Crazy (but We Kinda Like It)

Diploma, shiploma. We all know the real reason you went to college was to get a husband. Fear not, my good ladies! New dating site,, helps college kids with fat marriage boners find each other. At last, you can ditch your MRS stress and focus on more important things (liiiiike maybe your classes).

I wish I could say there was some wicked awesome sorcery afoot here, but it’s a pretty straightforward dating site. First, you pick your school. Next, you set up a profile describing yourself. Finally, set your gender and age preference and you can browse away at other profiles. Groovy.

As tempting as it is to laugh at this notion (I may or may not have shot coffee out of my nose from laughing), many young women do feel pressured to find a husband before graduating college. This pressure largely occurs at Christian universities, but it’s not unique to them.

According to marriage and family therapist Ashley McIlwain, the real problem isn’t about women wanting to marry their college sweethearts. Many marriage-focused women pick their mates hastily just to beat the rush. They’re so infatuated with the idea of a wedding—as opposed to the actual marriage—that they get blinded. Also, she’s noticed students treating their college education like a dating service. 

“Another potential issue occurs when students are paying a lot of money to be in school but aren’t focusing on getting an education. If your primary focus is simply to find a spouse, you might want to consider a less expensive route than college. Private universities are especially expensive, so neglecting your educational purposes is not a frugal decision.”

Hate to say it, but, when you look at it that way, is an excellent idea. Students looking for the same thing can connect. The rest of the campus can party and hookup like it’s Mardi Gras all year long.

Image: Noooo! She's getting away! Courtesy of Flickr

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