Sex Advice from Martha Stewart: Do it Aquaman Style

If you were hoping to find directions for DIY condoms, you are sorely out of luck.

Oh well. Anyway, Martha Stewart hit up Reddit today to promote her show Martha Stewart's Cooking School. Because the Reddit crowd is like a group of playground kids, sex questions naturally came up.

"Do you have any good sex tips?" asked a user.

The crowd waited in silence.

"Always take a bath before and after," Martha answered.

"Do it DURING a bath. Kill two birds with one stone," commented another.

"That's good too, and don't forget to brush your teeth," said Martha.

Brush your teeth ... after ... sex ...? See what she did there? She wants us to get frisky oral-wise in the bath!

Wait, how can you do that without drowning? Supposedly, it can be done (no scuba equipment required).

Hey, it's cleaner and slicker and Martha wants you to do it.

Image: What are you REALLY laughing about, Martha? Courtesy of Wikimedia


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