Weird+Wonderful+WTF: Beer-Drinking Dog! Crazy Biceps! Keith Richards Writes Kid's Book!

Collegiate Stupidity Strikes Again: Dog Drinks Beer from Keg!
Ah, the things we find funny after one too many red plastic cups filled with Natty Ice. In New York, two students at an off-campus party decided it would be hilarious and entertaining to hold a black Labrador over a keg and make him drink beer. As often happens in these cases, the culprits were busted after one posted a pic of the cannine shenanigans to Twitter (seriously, will kids these days never learn?!), which led to criminal charges for torturing and injuring an animal. Maybe now college kids will think twice before making idiotic decisions while sh*t-faced. (Haha, jk).

Who Woulda Guessed? Brazilian Bodybuilder's Insane Biceps Are Not At All Natural
A male bodybuilder who goes by the charming pseudonym "The Mountain" has revealed that his completely freakish 29-inch biceps are the result of a mad-science mix of mineral oil and alcohol (plus a more "normal" combo of steroids, horse vitamins and hormones). Guys, if you want insane muscles, try this at home! Oh wait, doctors claim this could lead to amputation or death? Totally worth it — it's such a good look.


Keith Richards, Excellent Role Model (?!), Writes Children's Book
Because every parent wants their kid to grow up to be (a little) like Keith Richards, the drugged-out rock god has answerd their prayers and penned a kid's book, The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar, inspired by his own introduction to music. The book actually sounds pretty dang sweet: it's based on the story of his jazz-playing granddad and features drawings by his daughter. Still, we hope some smart little kid doesn't follow this up by grabbing a copy of Richards' memoir Life, because, er, let's just say it's not very kid-friendly.

"Insulting" Bachelor Comment Revealed!
During last night's shocking and controversial finale (no, really), Juan Pablo told contestant Clare something she considered offensive and insulting. Now, thanks to the wonders of the Internet and rumor mills, we have our alleged answer to what exactly America's latest villain said: "I love f*cking you but I don't know you." Ouch! In his defense however, the show is about getting hot and bothered with multiple half-strangers, being videotaped, and following scripted "dates" so at least he's not being dishonest.

Image: YouTube screenshot

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