While Hunting Pokemon, This Family Discovered An Unexpected Creature

Image: http://digitalspyuk.cdnds.net/

Image: http://digitalspyuk.cdnds.net/

In the weeks since Pokemon GO was unleashed on the world, people have largely settled into two camps: people who love it and want to play all the time and people who think it’s stupid and make fun of the players.

Say what you will, but the haters need to pay attention to the story I’m about to tell, because chasing Pokemon led one family to save a life.

The Thomas family of Harlan County in Kentucky went out one evening to catch some Pokemon in their neighborhood. While tracking down Zubats and Spearows, the Thomases happened across a critically injured beagle near some train tracks.

The poor creature was gravely hurt — he was missing an ear and his tail and had suffered a gunshot wound. (I can’t even bear thinking about the kind of person who would do that to a dog and leave it to die.) Luckily, the mother, Elizabeth Thomas, is a nurse, and was able to bandage the dog’s wounds and keep him stable overnight.

They were all amazed that the dog lived through the night, but he did, and he has since been transferred to an animal clinic for further treatment. He’ll need surgery for his injuries as well as a heart problem, but the staff at the clinic hope he’ll pull through.

The Thomas family has taken to calling the dog Ash Ketchum after the protagonist in the Pokemon TV series. They hope to adopt him once he’s well enough to leave the hospital.

Ethan Thomas told the local news, "It feels kinda great that we were able to save a dog while we were playing a game.”

We bet it does, Ethan! And it feels kinda great knowing that Pokemon GO players are making the world a better place, one small act of kindness at a time. 

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