Prostitutes for Disabled People: Awesome or Insulting?

What doesn't the Netherlands do? Turns out the land of legal prostitution and marijuana (and naked reality dating shows) also offers sex services to those with disabilities.

See, in the Netherlands they view sex as a fundamental right. If a disabled person is having trouble getting laid, the government is down to help out. Though the available information is a bit shaky, sources say that disabled Dutch citizens’ benefits cover an allotted number of sex services per year.

The service has garnered mixed reactions in Holland.

One escort argues in favor of the proposal:

"Sex is a need, like food. If you can't quell it, it should be taken care of. It's cruel not to.”

Sounds awesome, right? Not everyone agrees. Some feel that the mere notion of using sex workers to fulfil the carnal needs of the handicapped is ultimately insulting to disabled folks.

“I don't want a world where it's easier for disabled people to visit sex workers, I want a world that sees disabled people as sexual and valid prospective partners,” says disability advocate Mik Scarlet.

Disabled comedian, Laurence Clark would agree.

"It's a sad reflection on society when a disabled person thinks that a sex worker is the only option for them," Clark says.


Looks like we're stuck with a chicken before the egg scenario. So, which has to change first: the Dutch law or society in general?

Image: Ladies, ready to insult/flatter? Courtesy of Flickr, Rob Boudon

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