Weird+Wonderful+WTF: April Fool's Day Edition!

We interrupt our usually scheduled weird news round-up to bring you some of the strangest off-the-mark April Fool's Day "jokes" of the day! Changes Logo Color to Blue!
Proving once and for all that the GOP doesn't have the best sense of humor, the party website,, announced that it's changing its logo to the color blue, because that's usually the Democrat color (haha!). More than being uncomfortably unfunny, the joke is also pretty dang weird. Here's the opening line for the faux-announcement:

Today RNC Chairman Reince Priebus announced new changes to the Republican brand as part of the party’s ongoing effort to give candidates in the field the resources needed to win in November. Republicans will now identify with the color blue. Democrats, as a result, can use the color red.

Um, you do realize you basically just said the only way to win in November is to try to be more like Democrats, right? And that the slow death of your party isn't actually funny? Right?

Google Launches the "Shelfie"!
Google, king of the April Fools Day jokes, unveiled  the "shelfie"  yesterday (sneaky!) The weirdness of this prank is actually how chillingly un-weird it is. I mean, let's be real: we'll probably have a legitimate "shelfie" in the next year or so...and we really wish that were a joke. 

That said, other Google pranks—an emoji translator to convert websites into the Japanese characters, and a way to become a "Pokemon master" using Google Maps—are pretty great.

Twitter Debuts a Tweeting Helmet!
Twitter's Google-esque entry into the prank games is a helmet you can tweet with by making a pecking motion like a bird. Silly, but again we ask: how far off are we really from a device that allows us to control technology with movement? Ditto Headdit, Reddit's prank tool to navigate the site via head movements. Oh my god, this could happyn one day, too...

Tesla's Pet-Driving Cars!
Not only is the idea of pets driving cars more bizarre than actually funny, but the image Tesla used to accompany its faux announcement is

Listen: there's funny-weird and weird-weird, guys. Now read up on the best April Fools' Day pranks ever and beef up for a better showingnext year. Our innereight-year-old is counting on you.

Image: Tesla

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