Three Epic Grannies Can't Handle Beyonce's Booty Heat!

8 times out 10 we don't usually notice the winceing-ly bad lyrics to pop music when we're grooving along in the car or bouncing our booties in the club. Leave it to the generation raised on the sweet croonings of Frank Sinatra to point out the lyrical atrocities in today's music. (I mean who doesn't use the mafia to get super famous.)

These three grannies genius-ly illuminate the outright stupidity of an alarmingly catchy song. Their victim? Beyonce's "Drunk in Love." In the land of millennials, it's pretty much assumed that we're all on the same page for phrases like "surfboard." Ah, the razor-sharp wit astounds!

A sneak peak at the awesomeness about to descend upon you:
"What is Kanye West? Is he a basketball player?"
"Why, Beyonce? I mean, her husband is such a sweetheart!"
"What the hell? We never talked when we had sex! What's all this talking?"
"Hold up that doo-say. Doo-see? Doooosh?"

Check out these gems and a zillion more in the video below!

Image: courtesy of YouTube

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