Have Trouble Walking in Heels? Rebrand Your Awkward Strides as Chic Trends!

One of the great paradoxes of life as a modern woman lies in that most treacherous of footwear: the infamous high heel.

They undeniably flatter the legs and bump up the red-hot sizzle of any outfit, but like so many beautiful things in life they come at a high cost. Sky-high heels are also atrociously uncomfortable, can seriously screw up your feet and generally create an impediment to walking. (You know—that activity for which humankind developed shoes in the first place?) 

Comedian Akilah Hughes feels your pain, and she’s back with a guide on five fabulous ways to work heels that could otherwise be mistaken as desperate coping mechanisms for voluntarily donning foot-binding devices. I’m personally a big fan of “the Yeti” but perhaps the “Jack Sparrow” or “Rookie Model” are more your cup of tea. No need to choose though, you can collect all five!



Image: Youtube screenshot.


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