Bloated Whale Carcass on Newfoundland Coast is Poised to Explode!

It’s always sad when a whale is beached on the coast. But sadder still? When locals discover that their much-beloved beached whale is not only dead, but filling with noxious gases, decomposing flesh, and is set to explode at any moment!

That’s precisely the scenario facing a Newfoundland town on the Atlantic coast. Officials of Trout River say they lack the expertise and money to rid themselves of the 82-foot-long blue whale—the largest animal on earth—before a vile explosion of festering aquatic innards transpires. Looks like they need some serious federal intervention, ASAP. Town buildings are located mere feet away from the rocky shore where the whale carcass is bloating, so you can see the potential for a very messy situation.

Experts have speculated the dearly-departed whale may have fallen victim to this year’s increased ice packs in the region’s waters.

News outlets have been going wild with this story of the hostage-taking whale corpse, and have posted a plethora of videos showing various other whale explosions. Because apparently, this is a thing! Some truly disgusting explosions caught on camera include a high-profile case on the Oregon coast in 1970, a November incident in Denmark, and recent a slip up in Uruguay when a crane hoisting a decomposing whale gave way from the massive weight.  

Most recent reports indicate the whale appears to be deflating, and the town may thankfully avoid a blubbery explosion. But even so, the stench of the rotting whale will grow as it decomposes. And given that at least nine carcasses have recently been spotted in the region, there’s potential for more bloated nuisance for Trout River.

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