Danes Say, "Vote or Die!" Literally.

So, the Danish parliament is truly jonesing for more youth votes. Proving just how out of touch they are with the younger generation, this (OK, yes! super funny) atrocity of an ad was made. You know that icky feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you hear an offensive joke, yet you laugh out of pure amazement that such a depraved (yet clever) mind exists? That's exactly what this video is.

It starts with a beheading, then we're introduced to our hero(?): Voteman. Bedecked in what Dan Savage can only describe as "totally gay leathers," the roided out body of Voteman roams violently about Denmark to force youngsters into voting polls. Oh, and the ladies? They compete over who gets the luxury of treating his dick like a lollipop.

It seems as if its main purpose is to strike fear. Men: if you skip voting day, women won't lend their tongues to your trousers. Aaaand you'll likely be decapitated. Ladies? Don't vote and get beat up by a man working through repressed anger at his father. We're really into voting—democracy and all that jazz—but we're not entirely sure this is the best way to go about it. (Many people are sensitive to, ya know, violence, gratuitous sex scenes, misogyny, and laughably fictitious waist-to-ass ratio.

Image: YouTube

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