Watch: What If the Are You Afraid of the Dark? Characters Never Escaped the Show?

Calling all children of the 1990s whose parents forked over money for cable TV: Have we got a video for you! This sketch does a glorious riff on Nickolodeon’s classic spook-fest Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Sorry anyone not lucky enough to be acquainted with this show—you can watch some clips on Youtube to catch up with the rest of us.)

Premise: What if the characters of the Midnight Society simply never stopped going to their club meetings? Yes, that would mean an innumerable number of ghost stories, hatched and re-hatched to the point of utterly exhausting any meaningful story plotline. Just the scenario this video captures.

The now-adult characters give some half-hearted attempts at the story pitches they used to make so effectively, but the shtick clearly ran its course long ago. Revel in the sobering switch from youthful wonder to depressing adult capitulation. Then ask yourself—which is really scarier?

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